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Welcome to Dogs on Camera

We are Animal Consultants for Film, TV, Stage and Advertising. We have a large portfolio of dogs and other animals that are available to work in front of the camera. Our lead consultant and founder of Dogs on Camera, Sandra Strong, is a trained Veterinary Nurse, dog trainer and behaviourist. She has supplying services to film and theatre for many years and her animals appear in top TV and Film productions.

Please take a look at our showreel and portfolio of dogs. Dog owner wanting to get their pet listed on our books for possible casting can join Dogs On Camera Superstars.  Production companies can complete our enquiry form detailing what they are looking for. Or,  if you have any questions regarding any aspect of shooting with animals please just give us a call.

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We have dogs available across the UK as well as overseas.

Looking for a Supermodel?

We have a wide range of professional dog models to promote your client’s brand or appear in your next production. They are some of the best looking dogs around. Get the results you’re looking.

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Who we’ve worked with

We’ve working with some of the biggest names in the industry, and some lesser know but very successful production companies

We hired 15 dogs from Dogs on Camera. The shoot was studio based as well as on location. The dogs were very friendly and well trained. The team of trainers and handlers were very efficient. Problems were quickly solved, and extra training was dealt with speedily.

One of the scenes involved a spaniel being soaked in water so we could capture it shaking in slow motion. We obviously could not do the wetting down in the studio. Dogs On Camera explained the dog would shake as soon as it was wet, so she volunteered to carry this dripping animal back to the studio so we could get the desired effect. This was definitely beyond the call of duty, but dog shaking effect was spectacular.

They sent us pre shoot videos to keep us fully updated with each dog’s progress, which allowed us to make changes as necessary! The shoot went so well on the final day we managed to wrap 2 hours early! The Dog’s On Camera team were easy to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Dogs On Camera worked with us during the UK prep and shoot of the film and they were brilliant.

There was a scenario where a dog had to be trained to come and lick underneath Blake Harrisons skirt in a pub whilst he was playing pool…! Not only did the dog that was cast perform beautifully on the day (despite being in a large room full of crew and extras) but also at all the rehearsals previously.

They also kindly put together audition tapes of other potential cast dogs performing the stunt, which were sent to the directors whilst they were shooting in Australia. She was professional throughout and always on the end of the phone to discuss various issues and changes that cropped up. They also took the very comical nature of the stunt seriously from the start and was generally a pleasure to work with.

I would really recommend them.

Walls Sausage Roll Talking Dog

Searching for a dog with star potential?

We have a wide range of dogs on our books of all shapes, sizes, colours and abilities. We can help you find the right dog for your next Film, TV or Stage production.

Alaska Malamute Damon

Does your dog have star potential?

Sammy’s break came when he starred in an TV commercial for GoCompare. Now he lives a life of leisure, opening fan mail and tweeting his admirers! Perhaps you favourite family pouch is waiting to be discovered!

Need your dog to perform on the day?

We are specialists when it comes to getting our dogs to perform on camera. Why not enrol your dog in our Film School today.

French Pug

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