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GenderBitch (Female)
ColourGrey, Black, White
SizeSmall Dog
BioArya the female Schnoodle is a cross breed of a Schnauzer & Poodle, aged 2 years. She combines the best characteristics of the two breeds. She has the intelligence of the Poodle as well as the fun temperament & endurance of the Schnauzer.
Arya is a cool, calm and collected dog who will observe a new situation first before approaching rather than just jumping straight in. She has a very calm nature & rarely barks. She is trained with the “Positive Reinforcement” Method & therefore always ready to learn new commands and tricks.
Her obedience training to date includes: sit, down, stay, paw, high-five, sleep, roll over, play dead, walk, stop, backup, speak/whisper, spin, take it, drop it, close it (drawer/door), push/pull, go to your mark, touch, sleep, take it & clean up (eg. put ball in bucket). Arya is currently working on holding an object.
Arya has experience with stills photography and a studio set environment & is comfortable with flash, loud noises & a lot of people around her. She is always friendly & well behaved around adults, children and babies, as well as cats, horses & birds and will take commands from actors.
Arya has recently shot the George at Asda marketing Campaign for their spring collection & a shoot for MoreThan Insurance.
She is an ideal dog for most roles according to her skill set.
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