Chester the Beagle

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Name Chester
Breed Beagle
Gender Dog (Male)
Colour White and tan
Size Medium Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Greater London

This is Chester our beautiful tan and white beagle puppy! He is 13 weeks old. He is a very loving towards anyone he meets. He has a very mischievous personality but also very gentle at the same time.
He loves human interaction especially children, he understands that they are very delicate, so he is very gentle and friendly towards them. He absolutely loves meeting new people and getting his belly scratched!
Chester absolutely loves making new friends with other dogs and animals. He never stops wanting to play with dogs.
He is very intelligent and is now very vocal as he has finally found his voice.
He is not yet fully trained as he is still so young. But, he can sit and stay on command.
He is a beautiful, energetic and friendly dog who makes everyone fall in love with him!


Enquire about booking this dog



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