Dave the Labrador Retriever

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BreedLabrador Retriever
GenderDog (Male)
ColourChocolate all over
SizeLarge Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom

Dave is a playful little pup who enjoys walking in the woods and being chased by my 5 year old twins. Although he is playful he loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa with me.


Enquire about booking this dog



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Basil the Golden Retriever

Basil is a 1 and a half year old Golden retriever, who everyone falls in love with instantly. Basil absolutely loves to pose for the camera and show off his magnificent mane of golden fur. His skills include passionate puppy eyes, talented tiktoks, sharp-eyed stick seeking, professional posing and exceptional entertaining.

Lyra the Cavapoo

Lyra is a 14 week old cavapoo, she lives with 2 other small dogs, has a beautiful nature, loves to cuddle and play, learning new this everyday. My mum wants me to be trained well to a high level, I’m hoping to be a therapy didnt g one day. I’m very inquisitive, but I do listen. I socialise in the park a lot, and not met anything yet that frightens me. Very brave for a young pup.

Tala the Tamaskan Dog

Tala is an energetic, charismatic and intelligent dog. She is part Tamaskan dog and part husky, and she is 7 months old. She is very well behaved but has her mischievous streak like all young dogs! She weighs 26kg currently but I expect her to grow up to 30-35kg as an adult. She is very smart and I teach her something new nearly every week. Her current repertoire includes: - Basic obedience- sit, down, stay, walk to heel, leave. - Middle- will stand between your legs and walk with your forward and back. - Platform training- will jump in and out of boxes or off and on platforms. - Flat- lies with chin flat to the floor in a down position. - Roll over - Spin- to the right and left. - Weave- will weave between your legs as you walk. She is capable of learning anything with time and notice so anything you may require for your media I can train her to do as long as we have clear instructions. She is actually quite a calm dog for her age, she isn’t highly strung so copes well with travel, new environments and she is fairly laid back. She is well socialised with other dogs. She isn’t really a dog that barks or whines so settles well. I am a veterinarian myself so she is very well cared for in terms of health.

Bailey Button the Beagle

Hi my name is Bailey Button as cute as. I am a Beagle cross with Bichon Frise. I am very personable I love everyone four legged and two. I enjoy zooming round the park chasing birds ducks geese pigeons seagulls, squirrels to. I love paddling in streams and brooks. I am inquisitive adventurous mischievous and love to have fun. When relaxing at home I like to watch films especially ones with doggies in, horses I bark at them to me they look like overgrown dogs. I love food doesn’t have to be mine recently discovered I can help myself off a dining room table. I love to snuggle giving love and licks. My Mum says I am like Tigger (whoever that is) I can spring up and down. I dance to on my back legs. This I find especially helpful when my Mum is cooking. Well that’s it from me for now ...although am sure I will learn much more as I grow up

Merlin the Welsh Corgi, Pembroke

Merlin is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi bred from a line of show dogs and international Crufts champions. He works with his owner at the University of Sussex Animal Cognition department, helping test technology and pilot studies. Since arriving home at 8 weeks, he has been highly trained following an assistance dog style training format. Merlin is highly food motivated, impressively confident, and adorably friendly towards strangers and dogs. He's always happy to learn new tricks or behaviors (especially in return for treats!)

Honey the Cockapoo

Honey is a gentle and loving puppy and enjoys be active and having fun as well as relaxing and having cuddles with me and my 3 daughters. Honey is just a really lovely puppy and is gorgeous looking which matches her temperament.