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NameDolly Patch-Well
BreedBull Terrier
GenderBitch (Female)
ColourWhite with black patch over right eye
SizeMedium Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Dolly is just starting out on her life journey and has already decided that a stage & screen career is for her. A pedigree English Bull Terrier who’s pure white apart from a black ear and black eye patch! Many people who have met her think she must be related to Bullesye from the ‘60s movie Oliver. She has already displayed a loving caring and sometimes cheeky persona. Plus she has shown us she loves being around other people and animals.


Catch a ball, Follow, Settle and remain for 1 min, Sit in a box, Sleep

Enquire about booking this dog


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Rupert the Dalmatian

Rupert is a very loving boy. He adores humans and wants to be everyone's friend. He also loves other dogs and is extremely well socialised.He has two long walks a day with extra long walks at the weekend. We also measure out his food and don't let him have too many treats. As a result he is in wonderful shape, very athletic and lean. We live right beside woodland and open countryside so he is a very lucky dog, we rarely walk him on or near a road. We just ope the back gate and off we go for miles together. He has been very well trained and his recall is amazing, we very rarely put him on a lead. He will come always come back when called and will also keep an eye on where we are so he knows he's never far away from his owners.He loves food and this makes him very compliant. We don't let him have too many and he behaves himself almost all of the time, very unusual for a Dalmatian. He is also very sensitive and eager to please. He loves a play with us, rolling around on the floor, throwing and catching sticks and generally trying to get near to the cat - which never happens as she is far too quick for him! Rupert will go anywhere and do anything for us and often others. He is known to "talk" and I am trying to train him to do this on demand at the moment - with a modicum of success........

Kya the Gerberian Shepsky

Kya is a young Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd Dog x Siberian Husky). She is curious, energetic, fun, and a very fast learner. She learns everything that is thrown at her with great enthusiasm! She can learn new tricks according to filming requirements with a bit of notice. Kya looks forward to working with you soon!

Zosia the Border Collie

Zosia is a very intelligent border collie with a unique and striking appearance.Zosia has completed the KC good citizen dog scheme levels puppy - Gold award (highest level) and has also trained to be a fully-qualified assistance dog, therefore she has very good general obedience in all kinds of settings. Zosia can perform countless tricks & commands, which she can perform from a distance. She can do commands from a voice command or hand signal. She is very intelligent and can pick up new tricks in a matter of minutes. She is happy to perform her tricks in absolutely any environment, and is unfazed and unbothered by distractions.Zosia is confident around cameras, bright lights and noises. She is an absolute pro when it comes to photo shoots.She is happy and confident around all people and very good with children. She is not overly excitable and doesn’t jump up ect. (unless commanded). She is not fazed by other dogs once working/performing.We currently train and low-level compete in heel-work to music and canine freestyle. Zosia has also done agility, flyball and dock-diving. She truely aces everything thrown at her.

Beni Barker the Cavapoo

I was born in Hertfordshire in 2023. I was one of seven pups. I count myself as the luckiest one for moving in with a wonderful couple - Jo and Brett. I live near fields and have plenty of canine company as Jo often looks after her friends' dogs. From day one I was socialised and consider myself to be very friendly indeed. For the first six months of my life I thought my name was Good Boy. I love to watch nature programmes whilst gnawing away on my favourite chew. You know you are truly loved when you get a new pair of slippers for Christmas. (But I think they were for Brett)

Dougie the French Bulldog

Dougs is the most chilled puppy - happy around all people and dogs and in all sorts of scenarios. Our trainer suggested we put him on here as alongside his relaxed nature, he has one ear up and his tongue hangs out half the time, which makes him quite unique, very cute and gets him lots of attention!

Tink the Pomeranian

Tink is a very bright Pom, she loves to work and she can learn most things pretty quickly. She is not toy motivated at all, but super good motivated. She came from a show dog home not going on walks or eating dog food and now lives her life off lead. She is a feisty little dog but not disobedient! She has huge amounts of character and very affectionate. She gets on with all people and dogs, she is not afraid to tell a dog off if they are pushing it - this comes from her stooge dog training with me! Her only physical limitation is her size - I do not let her jump up for example in the car or on the sofas. This is to prevent any potential limb issues or injuries.