Duggie cocker spaniel  the Cockerpoo

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Name Duggie cocker spaniel
Breed Cockapoo
Gender Dog (Male)
Colour Golden
Size Medium Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Hertfordshire

Updated Oct 19
Duggie is 5 months old now. He’s a mix of show and working cocker spaniel. Golden colour. Very friendly, silly and everyone loves him and says he’s a great little dog and we’re so lucky. He loves big hairy dogs and sits on their heads – a lot ! He is whistle trained and will now sit, lay down , wait , stay, give paw, retrieve etc… super confident around other dogs , people etc he’s in to everything and a bit food obsessed. He’ll do Anything for a treat!!!! He LOVES getting his teeth brushed bf my husband. Liver flavoured toothpaste… but he loves it .
Obviously fully toilet trained since 12 weeks . Knows lots of words, from shall mummy feed you ? To go walkies, to wee wee etc .. he’s done 7/8 dog training classes and we intend to continue as he is doing really well and is a dog who really needs mental stimulation


Enquire about booking this dog



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