Finley the Pug

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Name Finley
Breed Pug
Gender Dog (Male)
Colour Fawn
Size Small Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Lincolnshire

Finley is a beautiful pedigree Pug who comes from a line of crufts winners both 2019 and 2020.

He is super cheeky and oozes confidence. He has an amazing personality and temperament and everyone falls in love with him.

He is super clever and can do many tricks including ; Sit, Paw, hi-5, down, spin, hands up, raise his hand, wave, ring a bell, circle around you, ‘Get in bed’, place paw on object, SHUT THE DOOR, wait, PLAY DEAD, roll over, will wait and then go into the middle of your legs and SPEAK! He can jump through hoops and over hurdles. At just 4 months old.

He loves to dress up and will wear anything.

He loves everyone he meets (including children) and isn’t afraid of anything.


Enquire about booking this dog



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