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BreedJack Russell Terrier
GenderDog (Male)
ColourTan with a black chin
SizeSmall Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionEngland,Greater London

Foxie is an adorable, tiny Jack Russell puppy who gets so much attention when he’s strutting his stuff out in the street – he makes anybody smile! People from all ages and walks of life stop immediately in their tracks to coo over him, and you will hear people squealing at his cuteness from a distance too! He is so friendly and playful, has a sweet temperament and loves all people and animals. He is comfortable and confident in new and busy environments and is totally unphased by loud noises, machinery or thunderstorms. He has mastered some impressive tricks in a very short space of time, which he is able to also perform in noisy environments in a busy town centre, bringing shock, tears and joy to passers-by in the street!

Enquire about booking this dog


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Skye the French Bulldog

Skye is a loving and caring girl who loves all people and other dogs. She loves cuddles and being handled by everyone and is very sociable. She can be a bit boisterous at times with other dogs and can bark but that is normal as she is a french bulldog. Her recall isn't the best but if you have a bag of treats to hand she will come back over to you. Transportation- Very good on all public transport Tricks- She can and understands sit, stay, wait, up, down- not lie down , gives both paws and also on her hind legs. double high five on her hind legs, spins around, spins around in the air, When you say treat, walkies , breakfast and dinner din dins.

Eddie the Irish Terrier

Eddie is a 5 month old Irish Terrier with LOTs of character! He has completed 1 puppy class already and is now finishing his 2nd. He can do a range of tricks, sit, down, spin, touch, stay etc.

Willow the Jack Russell Terrier

Willow, is a Pedigree Jack Russell Terrier - Her parents have both won at Crufts and were especially brought to the UK from New Zealand due to their special breeding. She is still a baby, but has a great temperament, confident, good with other dogs, great with kids and is beginning to be obedient and cooperative. Bit cheaky at times but she is a terrier!

Harry the Great Dane

Harry is an amazingly gentle and affectionate 5 month old Great Dane puppy. He responds well to commands. He walks to heel and is very well behaved.

Rusty the Vizsla

Meet Rusty my super handsome Hungarian Vizsla. Very playful. Loves children. Very clever. Picks up training very easily. Sit Stay Lay down Heel work On your bed Retrieve and release Balance on back legs Recall. Established. Rusty has an infectious personality, extremely loving, very confident and friendly towards people and other dogs. He is well socialised around horses and interacts with them well. Bad points he is still teething and as is normal with the breed he can be a little mouthy. Chewing on fingers would be his favourite past time! Please contact for any further information.

Hans the Miniature Schnauzer

Hans is Mini Schnauser puppy and is diligent, hard working and Hans-ome. He has a brilliant temperament, great training attitude and a growing range of manners and abilities. The terrier in him shines through with a great blend of mischief and bulshiness in equal measure, which is very cute given he is so mini. Hans turns head everywhere he goes!