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BreedBorder Collie
GenderBitch (Female)
ColourBlack & white, rough coated, traditionally marked
SizeMedium Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
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KC Reg: From Borders Home Valley of Fire
Weight: 14.5kg

Freya has come to us as an import from the Netherlands. She has a relaxed and fun personality but is also extremely eager to learn.

Freya lives with 7 other dogs, so she is used to being around lots of dogs. However, she is a total people person. She loves meeting new people and is fantastic with the old and young alike.

Since joining us at 5months old Freya has been training in both flyball and agility. She has competed with the flyball team ‘Underdogs’. In addition to this she has competed in agility at KC and UKA shows. She qualified for Crufts 2019 for showing and took 3rd place in her class. Where the judge commented on her ‘pleasing expression’ and good movement.

Currently she works as a well being dog two days a week at a local secondary school to provide students and teachers with emotional support where needed.

Freya has achieved her Trick Dog novice award, novice masters and intermediate award. We are currently working towards advanced where she only needs 2 more points. Because of these awards she already knows a lot of tricks. But we are happy to work on any specific tricks needed.

Previous experience:
Freya has acted and modelled for PitPat’s GPS tracker, photos can be seen in her profile. Feedback was that Freya was easy to direct during the photo shoot and was happy to repeat actions several times in order to get the correct shot in both the photography and filming sessions.
Previous to this we had one pet photo shoot where her patience and good nature shone through.


Catch a ball, Down and remain for 1 min, Follow, Jump, Leave, Retrieve, Settle and remain for 1 min, Sit and remain for 1 min, Sit in a box, Spin, Stand and remain for 1 min

Enquire about booking this dog


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