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BreedCavalier King Charles Spaniel
GenderDog (Male)
SizeSmall Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom

I am a KC registered Ruby Cavalier with a fab personality. Everyone I meet falls in love with me and my big brown eyes, and I love to give them cuddles!

I am food motivated to do tricks, and I love to please. On cue, I can give a paw, high five, jump up onto a chair/sofa, sit, lie down, roll over, push a door closed, push down on a bell/object, and speak! My latest trick I am learning is to wave, I’ll do pretty much anything for treats! I also love playing fetch with a ball, and playing with my fluffy squeaky toys. After playtime I like to snuggle up for a snooze!

I am sociable, but not overly boisterous (unless we’re playing with a tennis ball!) I enjoy walking with my pack every week with my dog walkers. I am used to travelling in cars, either on the seat or in a crate. I’m well behaved and listen to instructions.

I am neutered and microchipped.


Enquire about booking this dog



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Recently Joined

Biscuit the Cavapoo

Biscuit is a 10 weeks old puppy with a big heart and lovely character. He adores his Humans who are 5 and 6 years old and just can't keep their hands off him. Biscuit often can be seen wearing head attire and paw socks.......as he looks too cute in those!He loves nothing better than chasing his sparkling chew ball and getting a lot of love and attention from any Human, all are welcome to admire the star....

Hugo the Cockapoo

Hello, my name is Hugo! I am a 6 month old, friendly, playful pup, and love learning new tricks. I love meeting new people and have many dog and human friends! I enjoy long walks and exploring the world around me, I can walk on a lead and have good recall so I am mostly off lead in parks and the fields around my house. I know basic commands and I am very food motivated! I can sit, lie down, roll over, stay, speak, wait, crawl, jump, spin, shake/paw, high five, leave (food and toys), drop and can be positioned on objects. Even though I am a cockapoo, my fur is tricolour and straight which makes me unique! My mum is a working cocker spaniel and my dad is a miniature poodle. As I am a pup I have an energetic, cheeky side but am able to listen to my owners with increasing attention. I love baths, playing fetch and cuddling on the sofa!

Mabel- Lemoni the English Cocker Spaniel

Mabel is a lively but loving puppy. She came from a litter of 8 puppies where her Sire is a show dog and her Dam is a family dog. She loves to go out for walks and although she is still young she enjoys a stroll on the beach or run across the fields. She mixes very well with other dogs and has met so many so far with no problems. She can currently sit, ask for her paw and lie down. We are working on the next set of 'tricks'.

Ziggy the Cockapoo

Ziggy is a gorgeous cockapoo puppy with a lovely face. He loves people as much as dogs and is fun, gentle and extremely loving.

Brewdog the Border Collie

Brew is a young collie who just wants to learn and please people. He loves to play and be given jobs to do, He is a very Handsome dog and he knows it. He is very fast at running and extremely strong He has started basic agility and loves it but until he is 18 months cannot do every obstacle (yet) In the park his favourite place is the lake in the summer, the kids playground in the winters loves to climb the climbing frame and will do anything for a ball or a game of tug. He is currently working on his intermediate trick dog award, he is now also doing Caine conditioning, He has had a day trial at sheep dog trialling. But decided he was doing to be able to concentrate on every displine By 10 months old he had already achieved his novice trick dog certificate at 11 months old he has nearly completed his novice masters certificate demonstrating 30 tricks and behaviours.: which include Left and Right turns (tight barrel racing) and open turns Anticlockwise and clock wise turns Swim on command Fetch Drop Take/ Hold an object Bring to hand Walk backwards Dog walk/ Balance beam Recall Lie down Sit Dog push ups.. going from a sit up to laying down and back again Sustained eye contact Touch Hide and seek to the name of a person or object Catch objects Tunnels Stay Spin and twist Speak Ride on moving objects Working to hand movements no verbal commands Sustained Trot Stand when he's asked Send to Crate/ and wait does ladder work daily to work on his stepping and feet placement Centre, Where he stops doing what he's doing and returns back to between your legs I believe he is only limited to what I can work with him to do or have the idea to do. He's always willing to try new things and the list above is not everything as I struggle to keep track of every thing now, he has a document of all his commands and tricks as it grows

Max the Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever

Max is a fearless, sweet natured puppy. He loves other dogs, people , toys and adventures. He treats everything he comes across as the next great game and engages in any activity with a smile and a tail wag. He is a fast learner and picks up new tricks quickly