Joey  the Miniature-Dachshund

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Name Joey
Breed Miniature-Dachshund
Gender Dog (Male)
Colour Long Haired Shaded Cream
Size Small Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Greater London

Joey is a funny, playful, inquisitive and clever young pup who puts a smile on the face of everyone who meets him! He’s in his element in the park surrounded by his many furry friends and humans, and loves running through puddles (or into ponds….!). He’s very bouncy (as per his namesake.. baby kangaroo!) and can also be mistaken for a rabbit with his love for carrots!


Enquire about booking this dog



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Toby the Bordoodle

Hello friends! My name is Toby, I was born on the 16th of October 2020. I'm a gentle, fun and clever boy. Mom and dad are training and socialising me. I love adventures and I found out I love kids, people and other dogs! I love playing with my doggy mates but I get shy if the other dog is too boisterous. I've learned a lot of cues in these weeks because I love bacon and also making mom and dad proud! Plus I love to be challenged with new tasks! I know: - sit (also with signs - no words) - lay down (also with signs - no words) - stay - leave (toys and food) - paw I have a fairly good recall! I walk on the lead, mainly with the harness. I'm not too bad walking on a loose lead, but I'm still little and love smelling the world, so new for me! We are working on: - drop (I still think there are things that are too precious to be dropped!) - close and heel - strengthening my sit and stay with the 3 Ds (distance, duration and distraction) ps. I know the meaning of "ten one"! I'm potty trained!

Jackson the Crossbreed

My name is Jackson, I am a ten month old red/golden Sprocker Spaniel. I love meeting new people and animals, going for long walks, learning new tricks, swimming, cuddling with my humans and dinner time! I’ve learnt a variety of commands which include; sit, stay, paw, spin, down, speak, jump and catch.

Ronnie the English Cocker Spaniel

Ronnie is one of the cleverest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. He picks up things very fast. His favourite things are eating, stealing socks, swimming, oh and did I mention EATING! Ronnie has previously done some modelling for a local pet shop. Everyone we meet mentions his unusual red coat colour from which he gets his name Ron (Weasley) Top skills: - Posing for the camera - Barking on command - Spinning - Sit and stay for extended periods - Down - Can locate hidden items after one scent! I also work in tv myself so I am used to being on location

Ruby the Chihuahua

Fantastic little good looking chihuahua, ready for anything. Extremely friendly, not shy and good with children and babies. Once picked up, can quickly fall asleep in arms, fast runner and very cute.

Diego the Crossbreed

Diego is a 6 year old (born 2014) Newfoundland X Pyrenean Mountain dog. He adores people and animals and is the biggest attention hog! he is a very sweet and calm boy. He is great with all animals and has experience around other dogs, cats and horses as he regularly visits the stables and walks in the countryside with the horses. his current tricks/commands include: Sit Down In your bed Heel Bang (play dead) Come stay/Wait Round (go around a person) In you get (get in the car) Spin Rollover Give a kiss Under (through the legs and sit under a person) Say hi (speak) Whisper

Kiara the Crossbreed

Kiara is a 3 year old (born 2017) Newfoundland X Pyrenean Mountain Dog. She is a bundle of happy-go-lucky joy and loves everyone she meets... especially if they have food to offer! She is a super clever girl... too clever for her own good and is always finding ways to get into mischief... but life would be too boring without her! She is is always demanding for her attention and is a sucker for a belly rub! She gets bored if she doesn't have a job to do and is always super fast to catch on to any new skill I choose to teach her. So far her tricks/commands include: Sit Wait/Stay In your bed Lie Down High five Spin Bang (play dead) Up (Jump up to a person) Out/In (enter/exit room) In you get (get in the car) Give a kiss Good recall to name or whistle She has also gained her level 1 certificate in Scentwork UK and loves her job in this activity. She is also a regular blood donor and has so far (by December 2020) donated blood 6 times. The procedure of the donation requires her to be lifted onto a surgical table onto her side (not sedated) and have a needle placed in her neck. She must remain still for the duration of the donation (can take up to 10 minutes for a full donation). She has managed to give a full donation 4/6 times she has given blood. If you're looking for a fun-loving goofball Kiara can't wait to get out there and strut her stuff like the little diva she is!