Kimmy the Border Collie

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Name Kimmy
Breed Border Collie
Gender Bitch (Female)
Colour Smooth, Black and White
Size Medium Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region Scotland,Aberdeenshire

Kimmy spent her first three years on a B&B working farm in the Isle of Skye. As the runt of the litter, she displayed a more docile nature than her brothers and sisters and was more interested in cuddling with humans than herding sheep. Kimmy came to us through word of mouth as her previous owners decided she would be better off rehomed as a proper pet. We quickly learned about her talent for communication when she began attempting human words after studying us for a month or so. Kimmy is strange for a border collie. She has a different look in her eyes than the others and prefers to learn on a more academic than athletic level, although she can do her fair share of physical tricks. Kimmy’s primary talent is in linguistics and mimicry. She has learned to say ‘Hello,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘Mama,’ ‘Good Morning,’ and ‘I want a walk.’ She is even learning to tune her voice to different pitches, per the video provided below. We have learned that Kimmy can basically be taught any word with the consonants she is physically able to produce. Kimmy currently works as a theradog for students at the University of Aberdeen.


Enquire about booking this dog



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