Luna the Miniature-Dachshund

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Name Luna
Breed Miniature-Dachshund
Gender Bitch (Female)
Colour Black, Tan and Silver Dapple
Size Small Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Greater London

Luna is still a baby but we’ve realised she’s very smart, playful and has already begun to master commands such as sit, down, come and turn around (with the help of treats of course). She has a special personality whereby she is respectful, curious, playful and funny. She loves all humans and dogs alike. She’s been exposed to a LOT already being a true city girl.
As a true puppy she goes through phases on a scale from sleepy/timidness to crazy motor mode just running around.
She’s a little bubble bursting with personality and love, which comes across in all her photos and expressions.


Enquire about booking this dog



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