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GenderBitch (Female)
ColourBlue merle
SizeSmall Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom

Lyra is a 14 week old cavapoo, she lives with 2 other small dogs, has a beautiful nature, loves to cuddle and play, learning new this everyday. My mum wants me to be trained well to a high level, I’m hoping to be a therapy didnt g one day. I’m very inquisitive, but I do listen. I socialise in the park a lot, and not met anything yet that frightens me. Very brave for a young pup.


Enquire about booking this dog



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Marley the Saluki

Marley is a pure breed saluki, his very social and playful, loves attention, playing ball and walks.

Tessa the Cockapoo

Tessa has achieved her 'Expert Trick Dog' title from Do More with Your Dog. She is very confident, absolutely adores people and loves to cuddle. Tessa is fantastic with children and is friendly with other dogs but doesn't get distracted by them. She picks up new tricks incredibly quickly and can perform tricks from a distance on command. Current known tricks - sendaway to mark, speak/woof on command, ring bell (porters style), strong wait/stay, lean/paws up against wall, jump over obstacle, go through tunnel, jump over persons back, weave through legs, weave through poles/objects, sit, down, wave paw, give paw, beg, spin, good heelwork, hand touches, send to bed, roll over, retrieve object to hand, scentwork (can sniff out object), airplane around persons outstretched arms.

Kobe the Labrador Retriever

Kobe is always described as a very calm pup. He loves cuddles and will always show off his tricks (particularly rolling over)! He loves to chase a ball and his favourite place is the beach.

Teddy the Golden Retriever

Teddy is an incredibly calm Golden Retriever with a very easy going disposition. His tricks include; Sit, Down, Stand, Paw, Other Paw, Vee, Turn, Come, Fetch, Wait, Eat, Drink.

Rosie the Golden Retriever

Hi, I'm Rosie and I just adore everybody! I am the softest, most gentle dog in the world and I just love people and life! Tricks are pretty easy to learn and I can do the usual things like sit, lie & stay etc- but as I like treats so much I have learnt loads more! I say please by pawing with one leg, spin, roll, high five, balance food on my nose (and not eat!) and my favourite is to speak on command! Not bad for only 5 months! I would love to be on TV as I just want to please everybody- whether that is by playing with them (I love to run around with children and dogs) or doing what they ask me to for a bit of chicken or cheese. We live in Warwickshire but can travel easily. Hopefully see you soon! From Rosie.

Nima the Tibetan Terrier

Nima's name means sunshine in the Tibetan language and she is true to her name and totally lights up any situation! She is extremely social with welcoming to all she meets. Going for walks with her takes ages as everyone she meets wants to stroke her and she absolutely encourages a tummy rub.