Maui the Golden Retriever

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Name Maui
Breed Golden Retriever
Gender Dog (Male)
Colour white
Size Large Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Oxfordshire

Maui has not done any work yet but we are looking to get him out there, he is such a well tempered dog and well trained! he know almost every trick in the book and loves all dogs and people. he plays dead but we are working on getting him to stop wagging his tail while doing it!


Enquire about booking this dog



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Ernesto the Shetland Sheepdog

Ernest Lyonhart Pucci A 10 month old Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) pup always happy to learn a new trick! At 6kg he's only little but holds himself like a gentleman. Trick list including: Sit, Stay, Lie Down, Bow, Fetch, Handshake, High Five, Step Up, Double High Five, Spin, Roll Over

Ziggy Stardust the Pomeranian

Ziggy is 17 weeks old, he is very friendly, inquisitive, smart and loves cuddles. He has the most beautiful markings which are completely symmetrical. We have had so many people asking us if he is going to be a doggie model that we thought we would give it a go? We are currently at the start of Ziggy’s training and he is learning quickly.

Cree the German Shepherd Dog

This is Cree, my 12week old Isabella German Shepherd puppy.We decided to put him forward after being told so many times he should be on camera, in calendars, photoshoots etc.Cree knows sit, paw, has just learnt down today and we are working on stay and wait.I can drop food on the floor and he will not go pick it up until I tell him he is allowed to, his training is coming along absolutely fantastic.He is so, so friendly and calm and he has absolutely bundles of character, a 10 minute walk takes us over an hour because everyone is fascinated by him and stops us in our tracks.Cree is an absolutely beautiful puppy who loves everyone, noises don't seem to bother him at all and he has lots of confidence.

Toby the Bordoodle

Hello friends! My name is Toby, I was born on the 16th of October 2020. I'm a gentle, fun and clever boy. Mom and dad are training and socialising me. I love adventures and I found out I love kids, people and other dogs! I love playing with my doggy mates but I get shy if the other dog is too boisterous. I've learned a lot of cues in these weeks because I love bacon and also making mom and dad proud! Plus I love to be challenged with new tasks! I know: - sit (also with signs - no words) - lay down (also with signs - no words) - stay - leave (toys and food) - paw I have a fairly good recall! I walk on the lead, mainly with the harness. I'm not too bad walking on a loose lead, but I'm still little and love smelling the world, so new for me! We are working on: - drop (I still think there are things that are too precious to be dropped!) - close and heel - strengthening my sit and stay with the 3 Ds (distance, duration and distraction) ps. I know the meaning of "ten one"! I'm potty trained!

Jackson the Crossbreed

My name is Jackson, I am a ten month old red/golden Sprocker Spaniel. I love meeting new people and animals, going for long walks, learning new tricks, swimming, cuddling with my humans and dinner time! I’ve learnt a variety of commands which include; sit, stay, paw, spin, down, speak, jump and catch.

Ronnie the English Cocker Spaniel

Ronnie is one of the cleverest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. He picks up things very fast. His favourite things are eating, stealing socks, swimming, oh and did I mention EATING! Ronnie has previously done some modelling for a local pet shop. Everyone we meet mentions his unusual red coat colour from which he gets his name Ron (Weasley) Top skills: - Posing for the camera - Barking on command - Spinning - Sit and stay for extended periods - Down - Can locate hidden items after one scent! I also work in tv myself so I am used to being on location