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BreedEnglish Cocker Spaniel
GenderDog (Male)
ColourBlack and white spotty
SizeMedium Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionEngland,Greater London

Milo is a 10 month old Sprocker, full of character and confidence he loves being around people and other dogs.
He knows all the basic commands and is quick to learn new tricks.

Enquire about booking this dog



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Lady of Kent the American Akita

Lady of Kent is a beautiful American Akita puppy. She comes from a line of award winning Akitas. She loves being the centre of attention and will happily pose for the camera - her favourite pose, the classic puppy eyes. She's a quick learner and has sit, lie-down and shake in her skill repertoire (with more tricks being added each week!). She's fantastic around people and, living with a fully grown Akita, she's great around other dogs.

Bernard the English Cocker Spaniel

Bernard is a happy, playful puppy, who loves all other doggy’s and everyone he meets. He has recently graduated from puppy school after completing his puppy training. He loves running on fields off lead and loves the wind blowing through his ears

Ruben the Border Collie

Ruben is a 2 year old border collie. He has a lovely nature and gets along with most dogs. Rather typical of a border collie he is very eager to please. He knows the basic commands, sit, down, wait, up, heel. He is highly intelligent and can pick up new tricks easily. He knows basic tricks like paw and high five. He attends a weekly agility class and is obssesed with a ball or stick! He also absolutley loves water. Ruben is a very striking dog and gets a lot of attention when we are out walking, his coat is also very shiny!

Bolek the Crossbreed

We rescued Bolek from Ukraine He is 8 months old He has been taught to sit/role over/Wait and is so good off the lead.

Dolly the Boston Terrier

I am 2 years old. A total princess, people mistake me for a puppy as I am so tiny and perfect!