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GenderBitch (Female)
SizeSmall Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Riley is the cutest little fluff ball.
She knows basic obedience skills and is enrolled in puppy classes to further develop.
She’s an angel with children and every person she meets and is a family pet in a household with 3 children ranging from 6months – 10 years.
She’s friendly with other animals but wants to play with them all!
Cute cheeky and friendly, the perfect pup!

Enquire about booking this dog


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Snowy the Golden Retriever

Snowy is our handsome golden retriever Snowy hugs and kisses humans on command (tucks his head into your shoulder/neck). He’s such a loving boy and adores any attention he gets - we quite often find him looking at himself in the mirror! He’s gets complimented every where he goes - especially about his coat (as he’s so light coloured and his coat is so fluffy) and his size (he’s a very large retriever). He’s from show line parents and his appearance very much reflects this. He loves being out and about and has recently discovered a love for water! He loves coming shopping with us and going into any shops he’s allowed!

Juke the Border Collie

Juke is a border collie puppy born from 2 working dogs in North Devon. Full of energy, very clever, incredibly friendly and super cuddly he is the perfect puppy. Only 3 months old we are still doing lots of training but he is learning quickly. Juke is going to be a therapy dog for my son as well as a volunteer once qualified. He is mostly black with some white patches and striking spotty socks. He also has blue eyes which you can really see in the light.

Luc the Border Collie

Luc is a 9-month-old collie, who loves to play and will do almost anything for a ball. He knows many basic tricks like sit, heel, fetch, wait, lie down, high five, shake, wave, spin, twirl, etc. Luc is currently honing his skills in scent training and obedience, but his heart belongs to playtime. He loves hide and seek, is a water-loving explorer, and absolutely cannot get enough of fetch!

Timber the Australian Shepherd

Timber is our beloved Australian Shepherd. He is a great poser! He is an adventurous little guy and loves being outdoors. Timber is very well natured and loves giving kisses too. Timber is only 9 months old so as he doesn't have any professional experience yet, but he's a confident little guy so he will relish the opportunity.

Mackem the Cane Corso

Mackem is such a cool boy, super chilled, stunningly handsome and ever so slightly weird at times, he loves to suck, yes literally suck on a pillow or his giant sloth teddy and will knock things over with his nose that are in his way. He doesn't know how big he actually is (+40kg), and thinks he is a lap dog. Really intelligent and quick to pick up new commands, he aims to please and will try anything for a bit of chicken. He knows the basics, sit stay etc, touch, heel, left side and protect (in-between legs)

Cooper the English Cocker Spaniel

A super handsome cheeky chappie. Very obedient and calm. Happy in new situations and very friendly with new people and animals. Has mastered core commands such as sit and stay and generally as good as gold (unless shoes, toys and anything else’s you can think of are in reach in which case they will be gone and chewed within seconds).