Ripley the Norwich Terrier

Good Citizen Bronze Award

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BreedNorwich Terrier
GenderBitch (Female)
SizeSmall Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom

Ripley came to us age 10 weeks and has one sister. She lives with Merlin, our 7 year old male Norwich Terrier, and has fast settled into the family!! She loves working on tricks, training in general, conditioning exercises, Heelwork to Music and Hoopers and has been picking up new tricks quite quickly as well as putting her own spin on some!!

She is happy, confident, doesn’t bark still but is very healthy. Works for treats or toys, plays with anything given to her but will also leave toys alone to have a photo taken with it. Great recall she is off lead for walks and enjoys sandy beaches, stoney beaches, grass, woods and isn’t put off by any ground surface inc mud or water!

Friendly with every person she has ever met she tends to melt hearts and even the least dog loving person usually ends up picking her up for a cuddle. She hasn’t yet met a dog she isn’t happy with – bigger dogs she wants to play (her best friend is an Old English Sheepdog!) and small dogs she tends to lay down to show she is friendly which is amusing when she is small herself!

Ripley has done several Trick Displays at Classic Festivals and Events shows and All About Dogs Show so far which we do as Piplin and Friends, and Ripley has her own solo while the rest work as a group. She isn’t distracted by an audience, passing people and dogs, loudspeakers, music or even Morris Dancers performing a few feet from the ring! A pleasure to train and spend time with Im thrilled Ripley passed her Champion Tricks Title mid 2019 and is now doing her Silver Good Citizens, plus having done TV and Stage work with our other Norwich I am hopeful to start Ripley in the same type of work which I feel she will enjoy.

Ripley’s CV so far now includes filming in London for The Kennel Club’s Discover Dogs 2019 video, filming in Surrey for an advert as well as a documentary about filming dog adverts (two separate filming sessions), featuring in Edition Dog Magazine’s Norwich Terrier breed feature and having a professional photo shoot along with Merlin and a few other Vulnerable Native Breeds for a Rare Breeds project. For all of these she had fun, listened to direction and wasn’t phased by any equipment, sounds etc – in fact she knows to settle down quickly and get comfy if we aren’t doing anything for a few minutes so does great on set for several hours!!

Ripley has now started Kennel Club Heelwork to Music Competition with her first in August 2019 – Starters Musical Dressage! Over 2 minutes working without treats or toys and she came 5th on her first try!

We also had fun at Crufts in March 2019 where Ripley was placed in all three classes, qualifying her for Crufts 2020 also.


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