Rufus  the Wirehaired Vizsla

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BreedWirehaired Vizsla
GenderDog (Male)
SizeLarge Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom

Firstly, Rufus is hilarious. He greets everyone he meets like he has known them for years and is the most friendly dog. Rufus likes to talk and remind you he is there if he is not the centre of attention. He loves people and always wants to be involved in what you are doing but is just as happy lying having cuddles on the sofa or in bed all day. When out and about, Rufus turns to his gun dog roots and is following scents in a very unstealthy manner. Rufus loves water and swimming and getting muddy. At home Rufus likes to suck on a blanket and be completely covered over with just a snout breathing hole. Rufus tends to snore loudly and stretch a lot when getting up or off furniture. Rufus is a celebrity at his vets where they even have a wall of photos of him to make the staff smile on a bad day. Rufus is also known as ‘chatty Rufus’ as he very much likes to entertain a room. Rufus is very easily distracted by light. He has a cat like trait of chasing a torch light or shadow or glint of sunlight off metal or glass. He loves doing this and wags his tail in anticipation patiently waiting for the light to appear so he can catch it. Rufus is trained to sit lie down and stay and give paw. He has modelled for a private photo shoot and was very comfortable with this and is yet to make his debut further. Rufus really is the most lovely kind and sensitive dog who loves being with people and sitting in coffee shops or a pub and being the centre of attention.

Enquire about booking this dog


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