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GenderDog (Male)
SizeMedium Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionEngland,Greater London

Sasha is a happy, outgoing and eager to please dog. Very friendly, affable and affectionate – he gets along with all people (be it adults or children) and all other dogs. Thanks to his temperament and looks, he is the star of the neighbourhood – and is everyone’s favourite dog in the local area, and the second favourite dog of most of the dog owners!

He is a confident dog, and not afraid of other dogs regardless of their size and demeanour. His popularity in the local park is such that many a time, other dogs have fought with each other because they both want to play with Sasha.

Extremely sociable too – every time he goes for a trip in the London underground, he makes it a point to go and meet every single individual sitting and standing in the carriage, and is happy to be petted by them – which lends to numerous eyes gazing at him in the entire carriage each time.

His eyes are one of his prominent features, with them being so expressive that they almost resemble human eyes. At times, he also has a unique ways of looking at people with his eye balls moving sidewards in an almost sarcastic / unconvinced manner, to which a stranger once commented that he has ‘Princess Diana’ eyes.

He loves the camera, and has no problem being clicked from up close with a DSLR camera (from which some of these photos have been taken). To be noted that these photos are taken at home and not from a professional.


Enquire about booking this dog



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Hi I’m Bruce ... I’m a friendly Labradoodle pup I’m 19 weeks old and live with my kitty brother Rory. I have Pretty Pawfect life, with walks and treats and I can do a few small tricks. Nice to meet !