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GenderDog (Male)
SizeLarge Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom

Scamp is a once in a lifetime dog. Everyone who meets him can’t help but say he is the best dog they’ve ever met. He is a true gentle giant, whilst being huge he is polite and well mannered. He has achieved his Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen Award (working on his Gold, no doubt he’ll achieve it late summer/autumn 2022).

Scamp is socialised in every environment possible, from hospitals to garden centres to film sets to weddings and funerals, he takes it in his stride as long as there’s a tummy rub in it for him. Extremely good with other dogs (we run a home boarding for dogs business), not so fond of cats.

Scamp has had some amazing haircuts, we grow him out long and fluffy in winter, and in spring/summer we do poodle hairstyles, mohawks, lion cuts, anything and everything and he loves the attention! Scamp can do all basic commands, sit, stay, down, paw, speak. He can understand his commands in Spanish and he can also read his commands off a piece of paper. He has trained agility in the past too.

Scamps favourite activities are swimming, chasing a ball, rolling in the grass, getting tummy tickles, cuddles with mummy, playing tug of war with his sister, getting very muddy, going to new places and making friends, with new people and dogs, and eating (anything!).

All in all, he is the best, smartest, most intuitive, easy-going dog I’ve ever come across in 5+ working in the dog industry. He is my goodest boy and I’m so proud of him

Enquire about booking this dog


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