Spirit the Saarlooswolfhond

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Name Spirit
Breed Saarlooswolfhond
Gender Bitch (Female)
Colour Grey/Silver/white/dark
Size Large Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Greater London

Spirit lives up to her name. She is intelligent, picks up new tricks easily and is very spirited when it comes to playtime. She has a great temperament and is very gentle with the smaller dogs she plays with.

Obviously as her owner I’m going to say she is a gorgeous looking dog but her stunning looks and the fact she resembles a wolf are frequently commented on by friends and strangers alike.

Spirit has Wolf hackles that stand up from her neck all the way along her back to her tail, when she plays or reacts to perceived danger or threat.

As a Saarloos Wolf Dog, Spirit has a natural high prey drive. , Because of her intelligence she enjoys interaction with people and dogs and enjoys learning.

Spirit has a very musical ear and howls (just like a wolf) to certain sounds including guitar playing, phone alarm, oven timer.

Spirit has recently modelled for a dogs collar and lead business on Etsy.com.


Enquire about booking this dog



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