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GenderDog (Male)
ColourRed with white mark on chest/black marking on tail
SizeSmall Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Teddy is the most fun loving little puppy we have ever known, he has a great character and is so clever for such a small little pup. He loves cheese, kisses and sleep.

He makes us laugh all the time with his side eye and his little legs, his floppy ears and his beautiful little face is the cutest. Our little Teddy boy has the softest coat, with his fur being red and his lovely markings on his chest and tail makes him even more original.

He knows lots of tricks including, paw, sit, lay down, nose touch to fist, asks for more with his paw of his treat packet, jump up for kiss, ring the bell on a door, come, spin, roll over, sleep, speak, wait, in your bed, he slides down his slope but with guidance atm and winks when he is calm on command. He is still learning new things everyday and for his age he is very smart.

You can see his video link of him showing you how clever he is 🙂

He truly is one of a kind and a little super star in the making

Enquire about booking this dog


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Tink the Pomeranian

Tink is a very bright Pom, she loves to work and she can learn most things pretty quickly. She is not toy motivated at all, but super good motivated. She came from a show dog home not going on walks or eating dog food and now lives her life off lead. She is a feisty little dog but not disobedient! She has huge amounts of character and very affectionate. She gets on with all people and dogs, she is not afraid to tell a dog off if they are pushing it - this comes from her stooge dog training with me! Her only physical limitation is her size - I do not let her jump up for example in the car or on the sofas. This is to prevent any potential limb issues or injuries.

Leroy the German Shepherd Dog

Leroy is a gentle, intelligent dog who responds very well to treats! He is extremely sociable, loves other dogs, babies, children, adults and getting out and about. He's excellent off lead and likes to explore whilst keeping an eye on his pack. He's not a noisy dog and he likes to please, he's particularly fond of a tummy rub. He's passed level one training in terms of sit, lie down, loose lead walking and recall. Leroy gets loads of attention when we're out, his colouring and looks are remarked upon regularly.

Wombles the Pomeranian

Wombles, named so, because we live on the Wimbledon line in London and he looks like a Womble, is a young, joyful, bouncy Pom. A very happy, smiley dog who loves collecting stones, playing and bouncing all day long. Adores children and people in general and loves his squeaky toys. Comes everywhere with me and travels back and forth to the Isle of Man from central London.

Dolly Patch-Well the Bull Terrier

Dolly is just starting out on her life journey and has already decided that a stage & screen career is for her. A pedigree English Bull Terrier who’s pure white apart from a black ear and black eye patch! Many people who have met her think she must be related to Bullesye from the ‘60s movie Oliver. She has already displayed a loving caring and sometimes cheeky persona. Plus she has shown us she loves being around other people and animals.

Snowy the Golden Retriever

Snowy is our handsome golden retriever Snowy hugs and kisses humans on command (tucks his head into your shoulder/neck). He’s such a loving boy and adores any attention he gets - we quite often find him looking at himself in the mirror! He’s gets complimented every where he goes - especially about his coat (as he’s so light coloured and his coat is so fluffy) and his size (he’s a very large retriever). He’s from show line parents and his appearance very much reflects this. He loves being out and about and has recently discovered a love for water! He loves coming shopping with us and going into any shops he’s allowed!

Juke the Border Collie

Juke is a border collie puppy born from 2 working dogs in North Devon. Full of energy, very clever, incredibly friendly and super cuddly he is the perfect puppy. Only 3 months old we are still doing lots of training but he is learning quickly. Juke is going to be a therapy dog for my son as well as a volunteer once qualified. He is mostly black with some white patches and striking spotty socks. He also has blue eyes which you can really see in the light.