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GenderDog (Male)
ColourBrown and White
SizeMedium Dog
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionEngland,Greater London

Hello friends!
My name is Toby, I was born on the 16th of October 2020.

I’m a gentle, fun and clever boy. Mom and dad are training and socialising me.
I love adventures and I found out I love kids, people and other dogs! I love playing with my doggy mates but I get shy if the other dog is too boisterous.

I’ve learned a lot of cues in these weeks because I love bacon and also making mom and dad proud! Plus I love to be challenged with new tasks!

I know:
– sit (also with signs – no words)
– lay down (also with signs – no words)
– stay
– leave (toys and food)
– paw

I have a fairly good recall!
I walk on the lead, mainly with the harness. I’m not too bad walking on a loose lead, but I’m still little and love smelling the world, so new for me!

We are working on:
– drop (I still think there are things that are too precious to be dropped!)
– close and heel
– strengthening my sit and stay with the 3 Ds (distance, duration and distraction)

ps. I know the meaning of “ten one”! I’m potty trained!


Enquire about booking this dog



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Ollie can do a lot of tricks,we have worked on line to get lots of trick titles have also entered a international trick competition with DTA and came 3rd.some of his trick are,wave, speak,whisper,spin,hug a toy,play dead,cross front oaws,jump over arms and dogs,wears clothes and glasses,chin on different objects,distance tricks and hand signals only.he has also done a photo shoot with dog in a box.i have enclosed some u tube clicks.

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