Zion  the American Bulldog

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Name Zion
Breed American Bulldog
Gender Bitch (Female)
Colour Blue
Size Large Dog
Country United Kingdom
Region England,Essex

Zion is 13 weeks old, is bouncy and full of energy and loves being in front of the camera.
She can spin, sit, lay down and roll over.
She learns quickly and is eager to please!


Enquire about booking this dog



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Maddison  the Labradoodle

Maddison the Labradoodle

Meet ‘Maddison’, a ‘miniature chocolate labradoodle’, Mum is a ‘chocolate Labrador’ & Dad a ‘miniature chocolate Poodle’, she’s 11 weeks old & a very friendly, clever & willing to learn ‘bundle of joy’! She has the most beautiful eyes & eye lashes! She’s been part of our family (in Hove) for 3 weeks now & has already learned ‘sit, stay, paw, lie down, roll over, wait, high five, collects the ball (& brings it back) & learning every day! She loves being outdoors & seeing all the sights and sounds & cannot wait to get out and about on her lead which she has been practicing well! Puppy classes will be her next adventure.
Thor the Crossbreed

Thor the Crossbreed

Thor is a Jack Russell cross shihtzu. He is 9 months old. He comes to work with me to my job as a nanny so he’s fantastic with children. He has learnt lots of tricks such as sit, Roll over, lie, paw, up, stay, speak and sit pretty
Dougal  the Basset Hound

Dougal the Basset Hound

Dougal is a little heartbreaker. He's a cross bread called a Hush Basset which is the outcome of crossing a basset hound and a cocker spaniel. *CUTENESS ALERT* His ears are VERY long as a result and he's got the pretty spaniel face but a little of the basset wrinkles. Dougal is a funny little guy who has a very gentle and easy going temperament. People remark on how calm and laid back he is for a puppy. He'll do anything for a treat and can sit, stay, raise his paw, lie-down and roll over on command. As well as treats, Dougal loves nothing more than a puzzle game or puzzle bowl for him to work out (and hopefully get a reward at the end). He's obsessed with other dogs and whilst he's not that interested in going for walkies, he starts running after his buddies when he gets to the park. He's a rare mix of two of the cutest breads and as a result we get stopped for pictures nearly every dog walk.
Maui the Golden Retriever

Maui the Golden Retriever

Maui has not done any work yet but we are looking to get him out there, he is such a well tempered dog and well trained! he know almost every trick in the book and loves all dogs and people. he plays dead but we are working on getting him to stop wagging his tail while doing it!
Brodie the Border Collie

Brodie the Border Collie

Just bought Brodie 2 weeks ago and already has been asked for photo shoots to advertisements for hotel chain. He is a character and do well behaved and learning is fast.
Roco the American Bulldog

Roco the American Bulldog

Hi, my name is Roco I'm a chocolate Merle I Alapaha blue blood bulldog I have unique eyes, they are half green and half blue I’m going to be a very big boy growing every day but I’ll always be gentle and loving! I’m very friendly I love meeting new people and having cuddles, some of my favourite things to do are play with my toys, learning new tricks, dressing up and having my photos taken I can now sit, lie down, give paw, give both paws, roll over, basic recall, sit and wait. I have started attending puppy show training.