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Our veterinary surgeons understand Clearcast and report animal welfare on set to ensure that no animals are harmed during filming. We can give you a Veterinary Certificate of animal welfare within 24-48 hours.

A film vet can help make working with animals as stress free as possible. He can perform first aid while the animal is on set, intervening immediately should adverse circumstances arise allowing the shoot to continue smoothly.

Contact a vet directly and a vet can be on set at last minute notice, just give us a call or email.

We ensure the best animal welfare on set for television, online and film. We’ve worked with many well-known companies  Landrover, G-Tech and Go compare, ). Our vets have experience of working on location as well as in a Studio

Here at Dogs On Camera we understand how important it is for a qualified MRCVS Veterinarian to give advice before, after and during various types of production to ensure the best welfare for all animals used on set.  We understand Clearcast and RSPCA guidelines and are able to give written Insurance that all animals have been well treated and unharmed. We are also registered with the Committee of Advertising.

Our vets can work with a range of different animals (and people!) and are happy to travel to you at last minute notice. Do not hesitate to contact us for a friendly and informal chat about your requirements.

Not only are we registered with the Committee of Advertising, but we also do not charge an agency fee.

On Set & Location Service

We are happy to meet before filming to discuss alongside animal handlers and trainers how to make the filming as stress free and safe as possible for the animals on set, as well as everyone else involved.

Before filming we can carry out a general clinical examination to ensure the animal is fit for filming and travel to and from set. We will also ensure that welfare standards are withheld alongside the RSPCA guidelines

Post filming we will efficiently provide you with written assurance that animals were not harmed or distressed during filming. We aim to provide the Veterinary Letter of Welfare within 24-48 hours of the Job.

Reccie Service

Ahead of the shoot we will help you to select and make safe your various production locations.

Identify potential hazards such as poisonous and stinging plants, chewing hazards, when working outside, making sure all rostra, stage and various man made structures are stable and safe, either in a studio or domestic location.

Dogs On Camera is registered with First Option, a leading provider of safety standards.

Isidro, Lead Vet

Isidro (aka Isi Drums) was born in Spain. He graduated as a vet in 2007. Since then he has successfully saved hundreds of pets’ lives.

He landed in London in 2011, where he has combined his work in practice and film shoots providing expertise regarding animal handling, welfare, health and safety and emergency health care on stage.

Cameras and stages are familiar to him due to his passion about music and performance. At the age of 8 he started music studies and piano, in 1995 he won a Spanish national contest of folk dance, eventually discovering his talent playing drums in different bands until today.

From a young age he enjoys the adrenaline spark of a live performance but also the creative side of screenplaying.
He is also known for amusing his nursing staff with endless talks about World History and his dream is to take part one day in a history documentary.

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Vet Enquiry

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Why not give Sandra a call today to discuss your specific film, TV or stage production requirements. We have a large range of dogs on our books with animals of all sizes, shapes and colours. We can help you make the right selection and help ensure you get a capable dog as well as one that looks the part.

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