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Roco the American Bulldog

Roco the American Bulldog

Hi, my name is Roco I'm a chocolate Merle I Alapaha blue blood bulldog I have unique eyes, they are half green and half blue I’m going to be a very big boy growing every day but I’ll always be gentle and loving! I’m very friendly I love meeting new people and having cuddles, some of my favourite things to do are play with my toys, learning new tricks, dressing up and having my photos taken I can now sit, lie down, give paw, give both paws, roll over, basic recall, sit and wait. I have started attending puppy show training.
Minty  the American Bulldog

Minty the American Bulldog

Welcome to the world of Minty, his 6 months old and full of energy, Minty has his own page 1k followers , he is our fur baby and he brightens up each and every day, his so friendly and loving, his amazing around other dogs and he loves kids, When we first got Minty he was pure white hence why we decided to call him Minty and he was pure white so Minty fresh lol, as his getting older his now got some spots on his ears is just so cute
Zion  the American Bulldog

Zion the American Bulldog

Zion is 13 weeks old, is bouncy and full of energy and loves being in front of the camera. She can spin, sit, lay down and roll over. She learns quickly and is eager to please!