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Ralph  the Cavachon

Ralph the Cavachon

A Cavapoochon with a mischievous, cheeky personality with a melt your heart smile. A cross between a Cavalier and a Miniature Poochon so a little different to your average poodle cross. The size of a Bichon with the heart of a Labradore, Ralph is a charming, cheeky little chap who loves the camera. Although he has not worked before he is an extremely intelligent and willing dog, who loves all people (friends and strangers) and thrives off being around other dogs and animals. Quite possibly the happiest dog around.
Lola the Cavachon

Lola the Cavachon

Lola is a circus dog in training! She can already jump through hoops, sit , lay down, high five, roll over and take a bow!