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Loki the Goldendoodle

Super intelligent, empathetic puppy. Regularly trained with huge paws that will sometimes get in the way

Milo the Goldendoodle

Hi I’m Milo I’m currently a BIG pup whose very chilled and dopey but I do love chasing my sister! I will do anything for food including sit, down and wait. My puppy training classes start soon and I think I’ll be excellent!
Finley the Goldendoodle

Finley the Goldendoodle

Finley is originally from Ohio, USA, he travelled to be with me in Florida when he was 12 weeks old, we are now living in the Uk and having a blast. He is a very happy cheeky boy, always up for having fun. He is an F1 doodle, half golden retriever half standard poodle, so we get to enjoy the brilliance and temperament of both breeds. He has all basic commands and will do practically anything for food!! Training new skills doesn’t take him very long. He is great with kids and adults and a lovely sweet character.