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Storm the Viking Dog the Icelandic Sheepdog

Storm is an Icelandic Sheepdog (rare in the UK less than 20 dogs living here). Registered name KOLSHOLT íSLANDS STORMUR with the Icelandic Kennel Club and now lives on the South Downs in West Sussex. DOB - He was born in Iceland on May the 16th 2021 COLOUR/COAT - Long coat. Red with white on legs and chest and a very small white patch on back of neck. Black mask HEIGHT - 18-20 inches at shoulder. WEIGHT - Currently 15 KG should make 17-18kg when adult APEARANCE - Medium sized dog with curly tail and pointy ears and nose. Storm is currently attending the local dog training classes and getting to grips with general obedience, with future plans being to compete in Obedience, Rally, and hopefully Scent Work and maybe even Agility. He loves his tuggy toys and to chase, and mostly bring back(!), any toys/items thrown. He will usually have a toy to gift to you when he sees you. Usually wagging his tail so hard his whole body wags and shakes. Out on walks he loves running, then running some more! He has a good recall to both voice and whistle and is getting better at coming away/working with distractions (dogs/ horses/walkers etc) although he is currently hitting the teenage period where obviously he knows best and "Mum" knows nothing!! Running through wet muddy puddles splashing everyone within range is just the most funniest thing to do!! He adores people and loves life in general. Happy to be around other dogs of all sizes. He is at the moment learning how to behave around our horses. The not so good things for him though are Hoovers, food mixers, lawnmowers and other loudish noises. He does not go into outright fear at the sound but will remove himself to another room/area and look a little worried till the noise stops.