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Princess Tinkerbell (Tuppence) the Pekingese

She is going for puppy training very soon. She is a pure pekingese. Parents are show dogs in Poland. Very alert in nature and playful. Very cute and pretty. Unique markings. She will wear coats/outfits and hats. She will fit in well on the red carpet when she's gets an Oscar.

Percy Pig the Pekingese

Going out with Percy is like being with a celebrity… people stare and point, commenting on how unusual he is. Although they are attracted to his unusual appearance they remember him for his cheeky and charming personality. He loves being the centre of attention and is friendly with dogs and people of all ages. He is very food motivated and will learn any trick for a piece of ham - that’s the magic word! He loves to pose for the camera so he can show off his majestic coat, and loves to be pampered - I think he knows how fabulous he is. He can do basic commands and can bark on command too. He is an excellent traveller and a very robust dog who isn’t phased by much due to being taken everywhere with his owner from a small age