Portfolio Items

Tink the Pomeranian

Tink is a very bright Pom, she loves to work and she can learn most things pretty quickly. She is not toy motivated at all, but super good motivated. She came from a show dog home not going on walks or eating dog food and now lives her life off lead. She is a feisty little dog but not disobedient! She has huge amounts of character and very affectionate. She gets on with all people and dogs, she is not afraid to tell a dog off if they are pushing it - this comes from her stooge dog training with me! Her only physical limitation is her size - I do not let her jump up for example in the car or on the sofas. This is to prevent any potential limb issues or injuries.

Wombles the Pomeranian

Wombles, named so, because we live on the Wimbledon line in London and he looks like a Womble, is a young, joyful, bouncy Pom. A very happy, smiley dog who loves collecting stones, playing and bouncing all day long. Adores children and people in general and loves his squeaky toys. Comes everywhere with me and travels back and forth to the Isle of Man from central London.