Portfolio Items

Tao Atrei Kirabzer the Shih Tzu

My name is Tao and I was imported from Czech Republic. I am very playful, enjoy running out in the garden and explore sea side location.

Milo the Shih Tzu

Milo is very friendly and handsome, with big brown eyes. I'm a photographer myself so Milo knows how to work with the camera. He waits for the click before he moves. He does this for a treat of course. Milo loves being with people and other dogs. Although he does chase and bark at the pigeons and birds. He favourite food is chicken and salmon. Milo loves a belly rub.

Puddle the Shih Tzu

Hi everyone! I’m Puddle or you can call me Pud. I’m very playful and I love being around other dogs (big and small) and children. I know my name, sit, stay, touch, paw, shake hand, beg, down, and I’m nearly there with roll!