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Sandra Strong

Our lead consultant and joint founder of Dogs on Camera, Sandra Strong, is a qualified VeterinaryNurse, Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviourist. She also has a background in Theatre Costume Design, Stage Makeup and Wigs. She attended Wimbledon School of Art to take a degree in Theatre Design and was an active member of The National Youth Theatre for many years. She also joined the Dolphin Company to work with noted actors such as Vennessa Redgrave, Nyree Dawn Porter and Windsor Davis.

In recent years Sandra has been successful in using the research undertaken by Turid Regaas into Canine Calming Signals. You can watch her demonstrating this procedure on YouTube on the Chrissy B Show, Animal Communication “Do they really have feelings?”

Sandra Strong
Isidro Tomas Roldan

Isidro Tomas Roldan


Isidro (aka Isi Drums) was born in Spain. At the age of 11 he found his dog brutally beaten up by a man in the countryside because he mated his bitch. The dog was so badly hurt that had to be put to sleep immediately. He then promised that no other children would lose their beloved pets in such way thus he graduated as a vet in 2007. Since then he has successfully saved hundreds of pets’ lives.
Not only he is proud of his surgical skills but also the unique knowledge that his studies gave him included the body and the mind, nature and environment, philosophy plus he has a specialization in food science.
He is known for amusing his nursing staff with endless talks about World History and his dream is to take part one day in a history documentary.
Cameras and stages are familiar to him due to his passion about music and performance. At the age of 8 he started music studies and piano eventually discovering his talent playing drums in different bands until today.
In 1995 he won a Spanish national contest of folk dance. From a young age he enjoys the adrenaline spark of a live performance but also the creative side of screenplaying.
Having a brother in Berlin and a sister in Milan he landed in London in 2011, where he has combined his work in practice and film shoots

Email: [email protected]

Nick Amis

Nick Amis

Dog Handler & IT Guru

Nick is one of our resident dog handlers and talented web designer. His is also the owner of Hector Longbody the miniature dachshund, start of several commercials including Vitality Health Insurance.
When he‘s not on set directing K9 action, he’s running his own business as a Digital Strategist. He has built the website for Dogs On Camera and Perfect Dog. It’s his fault that Sandra never gets a break and is constantly in demand!
Together, Sandra and Nick has co-authored the popular book ‘How to Make Your Dog a Film Star’.

Fiona Senior

Fiona Senior

Dog Handler

I live near Brixton in London, with my awesome 3yr old Vizsla, Stirling, and 3 cats.
I have over 25 years experience in marketing & sales, and commercial & media. Most of my career has been within toiletries and cosmetics, working across client, brand agency and media organisations.
I was made redundant 3 years ago, and wanted to do something totally different, and that I was truly passionate about. Sandra introduced me to the fascinating world of dogs and tv/film. I love it, every job is totally different and I get to meet so many fantastic characters - and that’s just the dogs! There’s no better work in my book!

Talk to us about your production requirements

Why not give Sandra a call today to discuss your specific film, TV or stage production requirements. We have a large range of dogs on our books with animals of all sizes, shapes and colours. We can help you make the right selection and help ensure you get a capable dog as well as one that looks the part.

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