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Adrienne Thomas

Adrienne Thomas is a professional trainer and dog handler, renowned for her expertise in the world of dogs and entertainment. With a background rooted in the entertainment and film industry, including key roles at Paramount, Universal, MGM, and Dreamworks, Adrienne’s experience speaks for itself.

As a seasoned trainer and dog handler, Adrienne has not only honed her skills but has also achieved recognition as a KC Championship show judge. Her passion for dogs has been a lifelong affair, as evidenced by her ownership and training of show dogs spanning many years. Her dedication to her four-legged companions has not only resulted in cherished bonds but has also garnered her numerous awards.

Sandra Strong

Sandra Strong

Senior Trainer & Handler

Our lead consultant and founder of Dogs on Camera, Sandra Strong, is a qualified VeterinaryNurse, Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviourist. She also has a background in Theatre Costume Design, Stage Makeup and Wigs. She attended Wimbledon School of Art to take a degree in Theatre Design and was an active member of The National Youth Theatre for many years. She also joined the Dolphin Company to work with noted actors such as Vennessa Redgrave, Nyree Dawn Porter and Windsor Davis.

In recent years Sandra has been successful in using the research undertaken by Turid Regaas into Canine Calming Signals. You can watch her demonstrating this procedure on YouTube on the Chrissy B Show, Animal Communication "Do they really have feelings?"

Nick Amis

Nick Amis

IT Guru

Nick is our talented web designer and IT guru. His is also the owner of Hector Longbody the miniature dachshund, star of several commercials including Vitality Health Insurance.
He has built the website for Dogs On Camera. Nick has co-authored the popular book ‘How to Make Your Dog a Film Star’.

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