NexGard Digital Video – Frisbee

NexGard Digital Video – Frisbee

Australian Collie demonstrates the amazing frisbee skills in this commercial for NexGard.

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Harley the Australian Shepherd

Harley is an assistance dog in training. He is very energetic and social. He loves swimming and meeting new dogs! He is a KC registered pedigree Red Merle Australian Shepherd. He has a very friendly and has a calm temperament. I've never seen him snap at a person or a dog. He is new to modelling but his parents are show dogs and Crufts champions. He can be slightly anxious around certain men until he at least smells them. Tricks: Bow, sit pretty, speak on command, removing my socks and shoes, assistance dog alerts for anxiety and such, roll over, spin, heel, very Good at frisbee, walking in the middle of my legs, shake fur