NexGard Digital Video – Frisbee

NexGard Digital Video – Frisbee

Australian Collie demonstrates the amazing frisbee skills in this commercial for NexGard.

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Timber the Australian Shepherd

Timber is our beloved Australian Shepherd. He is a great poser! He is an adventurous little guy and loves being outdoors. Timber is very well natured and loves giving kisses too. Timber is only 9 months old so as he doesn't have any professional experience yet, but he's a confident little guy so he will relish the opportunity.

Cookie the Australian Shepherd

Cookie is the full package, with more than a few tricks up her sleeve. She can fit in everywhere . She is as at home in a family setting, as she is down the on a farm , or down the pub dosing under a table or trotting down the high street carrying a bone. She seems to, just fit in. Cookie is an Australian shepherd cross, probably the best result of an accidental breeding ever, a great cross! She is athletic, intelligent and super grounded and calm, she is a real head turner and appeals to all sorts of people . We found her in a rescue when she was a tiny pup. When we lived in the south of France, so she can speak a little French . Cookie is a "can do kind" of dog . She can swim , run next to bike ,horse and even a car , run an agility course bluff her way round a hoopers course and she has an extensive, ever growing list of tricks . She is warm and pleasant around humans and great with small humans (see video Cookie & Kids) . She has spent time around stable yards, so is good around horses, chickens, sheep, cows . In her day job Cookie is a dog walkers assistant and because of this, She is expose to puppies on a daily basis. She is unnaturally patient with puppies . She is like their favourite Aunty, they jump all over her, but she rarely tells them off . (video on this coming soon.) In own time cookies life is full of her adventure camping , beach days, ski resorts, horse riding , hiking days ,fishing days and dog walking, kite flying she goes with the crowd and seems to take to everything in her stride. Cookie has also completed D.M.W.Y.D level one is whizzing through level 2 and has many skill in higher levels . She is now working well at distance with hand signals, rather than verbal cues (See video, cookie doing tricks with hand signals ). Cookie is learning more tricks all the time and can learn new ones with a little notice . (see video Cookie show real . updated video with more advance tricks on its way ) In a nutshell she is a beautiful intelligent dog from farm stock ,who has adapted herself to family life and could take on many roles, family, farm , urban , she takes life in her stride and looks at home in many environment.