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Smiller Lab does his 'talking dog' trick so well in this commercial…

Portfolio Items

Lupo the Labrador Retriever

Lupo is our loving, cuddly Labrador. Extremely calm, docile and super friendly with people and dogs. He's food motivated and absolutely loves chicken and carrots. He's patient, attentive and has reacted well to good training. It's remarkable how many other dog owners remark upon his good temperament and how beautiful he is!

Lexi the Labrador Retriever

Lexi is a petite Labrador full of energy. She knows a multitude of tricks including bow, crawl and to hold a toy/object! She is highly focused and food/ball motivated! We have just started agility training and she is coming on leaps and bounds, the trainer has commented on her excellent focus and drive! We recently had a photo shoot where the photographer commented on how photogenic and obedient she was!

Clover may the Labrador Retriever

This is the clever Clover may! So far in her training she knows sit, down, leave it and stay. Clover is very friendly and loves cuddles! She gets on very well with other dogs and has lots of friends. Her favourite things are food, food and more food! One of clovers great assets is she’s very quick to learn and listen; as long as there is food involved!

Hendrix the Labrador Retriever

Hendrix is a pedigree working Labrador. He is very friendly and sociable. He loves people, children and other dogs. He has been trained from a very young age and knows all commands. Hendrix has recently started scentwork training. And specialises in diving and swimming!

Otto the Labrador Retriever

Otto is a force of nature! Born on Halloween, he is a little devil! From the first day we bought him home, nothing phased him, he is the most confident little dog! His favourite things, are eating horse poo down the farm, playing with his friends and belly rubs...not forgetting any type of food - banana skins on the floor during a walk are his favourite!! He has 2 soon to be best friends at home as well; Oscar and Elmo who are my 3 year old tabby cats. However they are still not keen on being friends with their little brother just yet!!

Maggie the Labrador Retriever

Maggie is a loyal, fun and well-behaved black labrador puppy. She loves playing with toys and has a firm understanding of the "sit", "down" and "wait" commands. She walks with a lovely bounce in her step and adores rolling on her back for a tummy tickle.
Barney the Labrador Retriever

Barney the Labrador Retriever

He is such a loving and friendly Labrador!! He has done a shoot where he had to be very patient but also very compliant! Some dogs would have been scared to do the shoot he did as there was a weird sounding stairlift and some dogs wouldn’t have done it, however Barney was very good and did all that he needed to do!
Smiller the Labrador Retriever

Smiller the Labrador Retriever

Smiller learns very quickly. A labrador was needed to play frisbee for a channel 4 ident. Smiller’s owner stopped at a service station returning to the UK from Sweden and we trained her in 15 minutes!
Harry the Labrador Retriever

Harry the Labrador Retriever

Harry is a very loving and excitable Labrador, he's very good to train as he responds very well to voice commands and treats! He loves running around and all the attention he can get, he's very playful and loves his toys very much. He loves other dogs too and especially his best friend Aggie a basset hound!