Closed Caption Ad

Closed Caption Funny Ad

Smiller Lab does his 'talking dog' trick so well in this commercial…

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Smiller the labrador stars in this high tech advert of the Huawei…
Sykes Holiday Cottages 2018 TV Advert

Sykes Holiday Cottages 2018 TV Advert

Max Chocolate Labrador stars in this TV commercial for Sykes…
Harry Styles Kiwi

Pups star in Harry Styles music video – Kiwi

Our lovely pups star in Harry Styles latest music video 'Kiwi'. …
Hyundai Click To Buy Ad

Hyundai Click To Buy™

Max and Jack the Chocolate Labradors star in this TV commercial for Hyundai.
Trump Dog

Trump Dog – Hail to the Chief

Make America your bitch again and again with this Trump Dog novelty…

Portfolio Items

Richbourne be my Valentine (known as Podge) the Labrador Retriever

My name is Podge. I am 53 kilos of loveable chocolate labrador. I am enormous and incredibly handsome. I am very strong and have been known to drag my owner on dog walks in comedy fashion. I love soft toys and suck them every night when I sleep. I do just about anything for food and am alwasy up for posing for photos or cuddles. I love water and waste no time in jumping into any puddle, pond or sea water that I come across. I have had extensive training by my wonderful trainer Darren Gill in Norfolk which is where I spend school holidays, the rest of the time I live in Ascot where I can be seem ruling the roost on the race course most days with all my local friends. My owner says her life is like living scenes from Marley and Me as I can be quite the character. I am very loving and can be very calm but when I meet new people or dogs I can get very over excited!! I think I could bring great quality and fun to dogs on camera.
Barney the Labrador Retriever

Barney the Labrador Retriever

He is such a loving and friendly Labrador!! He has done a shoot where he had to be very patient but also very compliant! Some dogs would have been scared to do the shoot he did as there was a weird sounding stairlift and some dogs wouldn’t have done it, however Barney was very good and did all that he needed to do!
Smiller the Labrador Retriever

Smiller the Labrador Retriever

Smiller learns very quickly. A labrador was needed to play frisbee for a channel 4 ident. Smiller’s owner stopped at a service station returning to the UK from Sweden and we trained her in 15 minutes!
Harry the Labrador Retriever

Harry the Labrador Retriever

Harry is a very loving and excitable Labrador, he's very good to train as he responds very well to voice commands and treats! He loves running around and all the attention he can get, he's very playful and loves his toys very much. He loves other dogs too and especially his best friend Aggie a basset hound!