Dudley promotes Gtech

Dudley promotes GTech

Dudley Border Collie promoting the latest GTech vacuum cleaner.
DWP Pension Wise Ad

DWP Pension Wise Ad

Featuring Porter the Bloodhound.  
Gtech AirRam K9

GTech AirRam K9

Colin & Dudley Border Collies star in this TV commercial for the GTech AirRam K9.

Portfolio Items

Brewdog the Border Collie

Brew is a young collie who just wants to learn and please people. He loves to play and be given jobs to do, He is a very Handsome dog and he knows it. He is very fast at running and extremely strong He has started basic agility and loves it but until he is 18 months cannot do every obstacle (yet) In the park his favourite place is the lake in the summer, the kids playground in the winters loves to climb the climbing frame and will do anything for a ball or a game of tug. He is currently working on his intermediate trick dog award, he is now also doing Caine conditioning, He has had a day trial at sheep dog trialling. But decided he was doing to be able to concentrate on every displine By 10 months old he had already achieved his novice trick dog certificate at 11 months old he has nearly completed his novice masters certificate demonstrating 30 tricks and behaviours.: which include Left and Right turns (tight barrel racing) and open turns Anticlockwise and clock wise turns Swim on command Fetch Drop Take/ Hold an object Bring to hand Walk backwards Dog walk/ Balance beam Recall Lie down Sit Dog push ups.. going from a sit up to laying down and back again Sustained eye contact Touch Hide and seek to the name of a person or object Catch objects Tunnels Stay Spin and twist Speak Ride on moving objects Working to hand movements no verbal commands Sustained Trot Stand when he's asked Send to Crate/ and wait does ladder work daily to work on his stepping and feet placement Centre, Where he stops doing what he's doing and returns back to between your legs I believe he is only limited to what I can work with him to do or have the idea to do. He's always willing to try new things and the list above is not everything as I struggle to keep track of every thing now, he has a document of all his commands and tricks as it grows

Freya the Border Collie

KC Reg: From Borders Home Valley of Fire Weight: 14.5kg Freya has come to us from the Netherlands. She has a relaxed and fun personality but is also extremely eager to learn. She has achieved her Trick Dog novice award, novice masters and intermediate award. We are currently working towards advanced where she only needs 2 more points! Because of this she already knows a lot of tricks. But we are happy to work on any specific tricks needed. Freya lives with 7 other dogs and so she is used to being around lots of dogs. However, she is a total people person. She loves meeting new people and is fantastic with the old and young alike. We have done one professional photo shoot previously which she loved. Since joining us at 5months old Freya has been training in both flyball and agility. She has competed with the flyball team ‘Underdogs’ before the COVID lockdown where she gained her first points. In addition she has competed at KC and UKA agility during 2019/2020, again before lockdown.
Kimmy the Border Collie

Kimmy the Border Collie

Kimmy spent her first three years on a B&B working farm in the Isle of Skye. As the runt of the litter, she displayed a more docile nature than her brothers and sisters and was more interested in cuddling with humans than herding sheep. Kimmy came to us through word of mouth as her previous owners decided she would be better off rehomed as a proper pet. We quickly learned about her talent for communication when she began attempting human words after studying us for a month or so. Kimmy is strange for a border collie. She has a different look in her eyes than the others and prefers to learn on a more academic than athletic level, although she can do her fair share of physical tricks. Kimmy's primary talent is in linguistics and mimicry. She has learned to say 'Hello,' 'I love you,' 'Mama,' 'Good Morning,' and 'I want a walk.' She is even learning to tune her voice to different pitches, per the video provided below. We have learned that Kimmy can basically be taught any word with the consonants she is physically able to produce. Kimmy currently works as a theradog for students at the University of Aberdeen.
Pete the Border Collie

Pete the Border Collie

Pete is a very obedient wonderdog! You can teach him any new tricks very quickly. He works as the Manager at Dog Store in Kent and melts the hearts of all the customers. He is trained to go to his bed in the window of the shop whenever another dog comes in to see us, just in case they aren't friendly. He can also sit, down, roll over, give paws, go on his back legs, jump into my arms, hold treats on his nose, guess which hand the treats are in, and more! He is also fab at recall and stay even if there's treats or squirrels close by! Hide and seek is a fab game for him, and playing with bubbles is his absolute favourite!