Freshpet UK Commercial

Frasier Great Dane and Ben Labradoodle star in this commercial for Freshpet. While Frasier sheds a tear, Ben has lots of eating takes. Unfortunately the clip of him climbing into the fridge didn't make the final cut...
Mini Kevin McCloud Grand Designs Den Day

Mini Kevin McCloud has Grand Designs for Den Day

Ben the Labradoodle steals a tea-towel from the children's den in 'Mini' Kevin McCloud's production for Save the Children.

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Mika the Labradoodle

Mika the Labradoodle

Mika can sit, lie down, play dead, roll over, high-five, shake hands, spin left and right, look left and right (50% chance though), stay, do a figure of 8, 4, and 3 between my legs, circle around me or around objects, jump over things, crawl under things, zigzag between obstacles, move back, do a figure , heel, search, crawl with his belly on the floor. He is learning to scratch on command at the moment. He can stand against, and explore inside. bins. He picks up gloves that I drop accidentally, and now steals gloves too and runs away laughing. He is a home pet, hasn't worked before. He is doing his first photoshoot at the vet's on 2/08/2017
Ben the Labradoodle

Ben the Labradoodle

Ben has starred in Kevin McClouds' Den Day for Save the Children. He has also studio photography work.