Maggie with Hugh Bonneville at Downton Abbey

Pups of Downton Abbey

Here's a short video of the pups of Downton Abbey.

Finn the Golden Retriever in Slo-mo

Finn the Golden Retriever and Chairman Meow in slow motion in this Thatchers cider advert.

Portfolio Items

Teddy the Golden Retriever

Teddy is a 2 year old Golden retriever with THE biggest heart. He is extremely friendly and loving and full of energy and fun. He is very well behaved and is friendly towards people, children and other animals.

Peach the Golden Retriever

Peach is a very delicate cream golden retriever girl. Smaller built, very jolly and loves training.

Barley the Golden Retriever

Hi - I’m Barley! I’m only 3 months old, but I already know how to sit, lay, stay, leave, roll and paw. At home, I live with my older brother Chester who is a labradoodle, and my human sisters Millie (3) and Charlotte (1) so I’m used to be around other animals and young children. From, Barley

Comet the Golden Retriever

I am a fun and playful dog, when its time for play, im ready! I live in Scotland with my humans Claire and Sam. Claire trains me to be a good boy and I love to learn lots of fun doggy tricks in my spare time. When Im not sleeping you can catch me training or out a nice walk to sniff. I can sit, stay, come, lie down, give paw/high 5 and shake hands, I can wave on command and also do a gteat criss cross paws too, I can speak on command, touch an object, play dead, show my belly, roll over, take a bow and fetch.

Ginger the Golden Retriever

Ginger is a family pet. She comes from working golden retriever stock. She’s gregarious & confident and loves meeting new people and other dogs.
Finn the Golden Retriever

Finn the Golden Retriever

Finn has appeared in an advert for Thatchers Cider and has filmed for a TV show ‘Britain’s Favourite Dogs’ for itv!!
Brinkley the Golden Retriever

Brinkley the Golden Retriever

He is a very loving and happy go lucky golden retriever and he will swim and play for hours with his sister retriever lily. He will love you forever if you throw his favourite stick and make him play with you for hours.