Maggie with Hugh Bonneville at Downton Abbey

Pups of Downton Abbey

Here's a short video of the pups of Downton Abbey.

Finn the Golden Retriever in Slo-mo

Finn the Golden Retriever and Chairman Meow in slow motion in this Thatchers cider advert.

Portfolio Items

Obie the Golden Retriever

Obie is a 9 week old Golden Retriever with an eye for the camera

Ralph the Golden Retriever

Ralph is a beautiful golden retriever puppy, he is very calm and sweet. He doesn't get over excited easily and listens to commands. He is constantly learning new things and being in new places, which he is very quick to settle in. Ralph is great with other dogs, he enjoys playing but also walks away when asked to.

Denzel the Golden Retriever

Denzel is a very lovable fellow, beautifully natured and very keen to please. He loves to socialise with people and other dogs. He learns very quickly and is very trainable. In terms of skills he has mastered all the basics; sit, stay, lie down, head down, wait, walk backwards, spin, paw, leave it, fetch. With continued training I’m sure he will master many more. He loves to play games like hide and seek and is very good at following a scent. He is a working line breed, with a dad who won crufts and always wants to be given a job to do!

Barnum the Golden Retriever

Barnum started basic training as soon as he arrived at my house. He is able to sit, lie down, give paw, sit inbetween legs, spin and he can jump through a hoop. He’s such a quick learner. He can pick up a new command on a couple of attempts! He has started Obedience Training and I will be registering him for RingCraft Classes. He loves meeting other people and dogs. He is also familiar with cats! He is so calm when he’s out and about and he’s happy just to lay down when he’s waiting.

Bailey the Golden Retriever

Bailey is a super handsome and super chilled little pup. He’s our family pet but everyone we meet keeps telling us he should be on TV, so here we are. He has basic obedience skills and is currently working towards his good citizen award.
Finn the Golden Retriever

Finn the Golden Retriever

Finn has appeared in an advert for Thatchers Cider and has filmed for a TV show ‘Britain’s Favourite Dogs’ for itv!!
Brinkley the Golden Retriever

Brinkley the Golden Retriever

He is a very loving and happy go lucky golden retriever and he will swim and play for hours with his sister retriever lily. He will love you forever if you throw his favourite stick and make him play with you for hours.