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Riley the Cavapoo

Riley is the cutest little fluff ball. She knows basic obedience skills and is enrolled in puppy classes to further develop. She’s an angel with children and every person she meets and is a family pet in a household with 3 children ranging from 6months - 10 years. She’s friendly with other animals but wants to play with them all! Cute cheeky and friendly, the perfect pup!

Tiny Tia the Cavapoo

Hello, my name is Tiny Tia, I am a toy cavapoo who currently weighs 2lb 5oz. I am very playful, confident and enjoy meeting new people. In my spare time I like to snooze on anything soft I can find.

Scruffy the Cavapoo

Scruffy has a great personality, is very friendly, calm, and loves children. He is great with other dogs, he is very playful and Mischievous. He learns new tricks super quick, but already has a huge list of them under his belt! [  ] Sit [  ] Sit pretty [  ] Left paw [  ] Right paw [  ] Wave [  ] High 5 [  ] High 10 [  ] Pray [  ] Twirl left [  ] Turn right [  ] Dance [  ] Down [  ] Play dead [  ] Roll over [  ] Speak [  ] Hold item in mouth [  ] Stay [  ] Snoot (nose between hands) [  ] Middle [  ] Go Say hi (he will greet a person) [  ] Touch nose to hand [  ] Come [  ] Target [  ] Kisses [  ] Open a door [  ] Bow [  ] Walk backwards We are always learning more tricks and he really enjoys doing new things. He is also basic agility trained. He is great in front of the camera and loves having his photo taken he is used to professional photo shoots to.

Honey the Cavapoo

Honey is a bouncy, happy, loving pup. At just thirteen weeks she’s mastered sit, stay, paw and comes to her name.
Bonnie the Cavapoo

Bonnie the Cavapoo

Bonnie starred in the recent hit video for Jamie Lawson – “Wasn’t Expecting That”. She was only a puppy then so she has the experience from a young age.
Bonnie the Cavipoo

Bonnie the Cavipoo