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Dolly the Cavapoo

Dolly is a beautiful red and white Cavapoo puppy, with both her pedigree parents being kennel club registered. Dolly is red in colour, with white blaze, 3 white paws and cute white tip on her tail! Dolly has a friendly, gentle temperament and is used to being handled, cuddled and picked up by anyone who meets her. Although only 6 months, Dolly is very obedient and well behaved, she can sit and lay on command and has great recall. Dolly has previous shoot experience and impressed production crew with her calmness and obedience for such a young aged pup.

Biscuit the Cavapoo

Biscuit is a 10 weeks old puppy with a big heart and lovely character. He adores his Humans who are 5 and 6 years old and just can't keep their hands off him. Biscuit often can be seen wearing head attire and paw socks.......as he looks too cute in those!He loves nothing better than chasing his sparkling chew ball and getting a lot of love and attention from any Human, all are welcome to admire the star....

Coco the Cavapoo

Coco is 10 months old. She is extremely friendly - she approaches everyone she sees for a stroke. She’s very gentle and has never shown any aggression towards humans or other dogs. She’s young so she is excitable but she trains easily and knows basic commands well.

Oakley the Cavapoo

Our lovely little Cavapoo Boy is available for work! He’s playful and loves cuddles. Oakley loves having his photo taken and looking at his reflection!

Lyra the Cavapoo

Lyra is a 14 week old cavapoo, she lives with 2 other small dogs, has a beautiful nature, loves to cuddle and play, learning new this everyday. My mum wants me to be trained well to a high level, I’m hoping to be a therapy didnt g one day. I’m very inquisitive, but I do listen. I socialise in the park a lot, and not met anything yet that frightens me. Very brave for a young pup.
Bonnie the Cavapoo

Bonnie the Cavapoo

Bonnie starred in the recent hit video for Jamie Lawson – “Wasn’t Expecting That”. She was only a puppy then so she has the experience from a young age.
Bonnie the Cavipoo

Bonnie the Cavipoo