Tim Henman

Britain's Tim Henman trains 'ball dogs' for Wimbledon

Britain's Tim Henman trains 'ball dogs' for Wimbledon in this fun short video featuring Esme Frenchie, Agatha Basset, Sterling Vizla, Iraida Afghan & Joey Spaniel!
Air Ambulance

Children's Air Ambulance TV Advert

Joey Spaniel features in this TV commercial for Children's Air Ambulance.
Harry Styles Kiwi

Pups star in Harry Styles music video - Kiwi

Our lovely pups star in Harry Styles latest music video 'Kiwi'. …
Pet Friendly Holidays with Sykes Cottages

Pet Friendly Holidays with Sykes Cottages

Joey spaniel starts in this TV Commercial for Sykes Cottages.

Crayola Games Doodle Delirium

Joey the Cocker Spaniel stars in this commercial for Doodle Delirium, the hilarious doodling, modelling and guessing game! Perfect for all the family!

Portfolio Items

Lady  the English Cocker Spaniel

Lady the English Cocker Spaniel

A Newbie so no bookings as of yet but we get stopped by so many people who say how beautiful she is. Hoping she can get some work for this while in the mean time we will work on her training.
Jerry the American Cocker Spaniel

Jerry the English Cocker Spaniel

Jerry was born on the 16th of March 2019 - he came to our home on the 19th of May, this is where all the fun started!! Jerry met his big brother Ben who is a Border Collie x Bernese Mountain dog, initially meeting Jerry was still the calm and collected puppy we initially thought we had. WRONG!!! He is absolutely crackers, he loves long walks, tennis balls, trick training & so so so much more. His favourite activity is trying to get Ben to chase him around the garden. Jerry's second favourite hobby is wearing his raincoat etc. he will go and select which one he would like to wear for his walks. After only 3-5 days of having Jerry with us he sharp realised why he was never getting any Ham like his brother (he wouldnt sit still). He sharp learnt to sit still and now even gives you a paw. He is the most loving, fun, energetic / photogenic dog you will EVER meet.
Podrick  the English Cocker Spaniel

Podrick the English Cocker Spaniel

My name is Podrick and I'm a Working Cocker Spaniel from Yorkshire. My name comes from a Game of Thrones character and I am always stopped in the street for greetings. My markings are really unique and have been described like I've been flicked at with a paintbrush! I'm very clever and currently in training. I'm great with sit and paw and I'm learning down, wait, leave it, spin and more. I am an incredibly friendly and happy boy, boisterous and always up for challenge and learning new things. I would love to spread my love and joy on the screen. Please get in touch with my family and we look forward to hearing from you!
Joey the English Cocker Spaniel

Joey the English Cocker Spaniel

Joey is a working Cocker Spaniel. He took part in the Blue Cross Advert. He has a leading part in Britain’s 10 Favourite Dogs to be shown ITV April 2016. He extremely obedient. Excellent with people especially children. Obsessed with tennis balls. Very easy to train and learns very quickly. Very happy to work in a studio or outdoors. Very happy to work very close to a camera.
Wilma the English Cocker Spaniel

Wilma the English Cocker Spaniel

Wilma is a working cocker, although only young she is very clever and very much used to posing infront of the camera, Wilma has modelled for a dog crate company, Wilma is learning every day and is working extremely well around distractions such as noise, crowds, other dogs and children. Wilma knows how to stay for a period of time, she knows spin and twist, middle, walking on handlers feet, paw, down, sit and is learning every day. She is clicker trained so can be trained to do specific things. Wilma is a very loving pup and gets stopped everywhere we go for her unique markings.