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Hoxton the English Cocker Spaniel

Hoxton is such a smart and friendly dog. He is a handsome working cocker spaniel. His strong point is his blue eyes plus he winks now and again. He nails the basic commands such as sit, down, paw , come, stand, touch & stay. Good on recall also. He is strongly training with some advanced tricks too as roll over, spin, mark, croll, cross paws, move head, fetch. He is extremely good with other dogs, and children. He’s very patient and loves being loved. Hoxton is used to be with busy environments, and he is not scared with noises. He loves a day out in London and a training lesson x

Harris the English Cocker Spaniel

Harris (Flo's Golden Gentlemen) is a five month old Working Cocker Spaniel puppy from Edinburgh, who loves a long walk in nature and playing fetch with his large collection of balls (which he sometimes steals)! Both of Harris' parents are working pedigree dogs (their owner is a Gameskeeper), and he has Crufts Champions in his ancestry; the most recent being his great grandfather, FT CH Randalyn Black Knight. Harris is a beautiful golden colour, which is quite rare in Working Cocker Spaniels. We get stopped on the street very often for people wanting to say hello to him! We quite often hear loud audible gasps from people who think he is the cutest dog they've ever seen! He is incredibly friendly and is always happy to receive some fuss from anyone and everyone. Harris is very well behaved and and was very skilled with trick learning from a very young age. Please take a look at our video of his trick training from 12 weeks of age to see for yourself!

Lyra the English Cocker Spaniel

Lyra was the last of the litter to leave her mum, and she was a little smaller than her brothers and sisters. She joined her loving family in Hampshire in August 2021 when she was 12 weeks old. Her family includes mum, dad, two children aged 4 & 6 and two older cats. All of the humans of the family love her dearly, the cats aren't so enamoured with her yet. Lyra has an adorable, playful nature and despite being only young has taken to training quite well so far. She is an incredibly cute and friendly dog, and her family can rarely get very far on walks without every other person making involuntary squeals and funny faces when they see the adorable little puppy and asking to stroke her. Lyra loves the attention and meeting new people and dogs, especially young children.

Bimba the English Cocker Spaniel

She is 2 months years old, she born in London. She has a brother a french bulldog, they playing a lot, she loves to play and sleep. She loves to listen a sounds and is very observe.

Mabel- Lemoni the English Cocker Spaniel

Mabel is a lively but loving puppy. She came from a litter of 8 puppies where her Sire is a show dog and her Dam is a family dog. She loves to go out for walks and although she is still young she enjoys a stroll on the beach or run across the fields. She mixes very well with other dogs and has met so many so far with no problems. She can currently sit, ask for her paw and lie down. We are working on the next set of 'tricks'.

Henry the English Cocker Spaniel

Henry is an affectionate and inquisitive working cocker spaniel puppy. He is food oriented and eager to learn and please. He will sit and pose for food. He has beautiful green eyes, brown nose and pure red coat. He is a pedigree pup. Enjoys walks in the countryside and interacting with other dogs and humans. Enjoys his toys, loves swimming and enjoys fetching.
Ollie can do a lot of tricks,we have worked on line to get lots of trick titles have also entered a international trick competition with DTA and came 3rd.some of his trick are,wave, speak,whisper,spin,hug a toy,play dead,cross front oaws,jump over arms and dogs,wears clothes and glasses,chin on different objects,distance tricks and hand signals only.he has also done a photo shoot with dog in a box.i have enclosed some u tube clicks.

Timmy the English Cocker Spaniel

Introducing Timmy! Timmy is my very handsome working cocker spaniel pup! We have only had Timmy a short time as he’s a rescue.. Timmy has a great personality, he’s brilliant with other dogs and loves getting all the attention from people, he loves his cuddles! Timmy knows a range of tricks already, these include; •sit and stay •down and stay •paw •wave •spin in both directions •weaving through your legs and also heel. As Timmy gets older we will be looking to expand his tricks and hoping to do agility too!

Stunning Winter Star (House Name: Poopy) the English Cocker Spaniel

Poppy is a young orange roan cocker spaniel, D.O.B 19/11/20 She is great with people, children and other animal including other dogs, cats and horses She loves her photo taken , she is playful, bags of energy, and loves a small treat after she has done what is asked for. She has an amazing Orange Roan coloured coat and eye that you will fall in love with
Joey the English Cocker Spaniel

Joey the English Cocker Spaniel

Joey is a working Cocker Spaniel. He took part in the Blue Cross Advert. He has a leading part in Britain’s 10 Favourite Dogs to be shown ITV April 2016. He extremely obedient. Excellent with people especially children. Obsessed with tennis balls. Very easy to train and learns very quickly. Very happy to work in a studio or outdoors. Very happy to work very close to a camera.