Tim Henman

Britain’s Tim Henman trains ‘ball dogs’ for Wimbledon

Britain's Tim Henman trains 'ball dogs' for Wimbledon in this fun short video featuring Esme Frenchie, Agatha Basset, Sterling Vizla, Iraida Afghan & Joey Spaniel!
Air Ambulance

Children’s Air Ambulance TV Advert

Joey Spaniel features in this TV commercial for Children's Air Ambulance.

Portfolio Items

Timmy the English Cocker Spaniel

Introducing Timmy! Timmy is my very handsome working cocker spaniel pup! We have only had Timmy a short time as he’s a rescue.. Timmy has a great personality, he’s brilliant with other dogs and loves getting all the attention from people, he loves his cuddles! Timmy knows a range of tricks already, these include; •sit and stay •down and stay •paw •wave •spin in both directions •weaving through your legs and also heel. As Timmy gets older we will be looking to expand his tricks and hoping to do agility too!

Beau the English Cocker Spaniel

Introducing Beau.. Beau is my absolutely stunning Working cocker spaniel. Beau has got an incredible personality, she’s great with people and brilliant with other dogs! Beau is currently training up in agility as well as obedience and heelwork to music! Some of the tricks Beau knows include •sit and stay •down and stay •wave •roll over •speak •target (bopping her nose on an object) •weaving through your legs •jumping up into your arms •walking backwards •spin in both directions And many many more!

Stunning Winter Star (House Name: Poopy) the English Cocker Spaniel

Poppy is a young orange roan cocker spaniel, D.O.B 19/11/20 She is great with people, children and other animal including other dogs, cats and horses She loves her photo taken , she is playful, bags of energy, and loves a small treat after she has done what is asked for. She has an amazing Orange Roan coloured coat and eye that you will fall in love with

Ronnie the English Cocker Spaniel

Ronnie is one of the cleverest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. He picks up things very fast. His favourite things are eating, stealing socks, swimming, oh and did I mention EATING! Ronnie has previously done some modelling for a local pet shop. Everyone we meet mentions his unusual red coat colour from which he gets his name Ron (Weasley) Top skills: - Posing for the camera - Barking on command - Spinning - Sit and stay for extended periods - Down - Can locate hidden items after one scent! I also work in tv myself so I am used to being on location
Coco the English Cocker Spaniel
Bailey the English Cocker Spaniel

Bailey the English Cocker Spaniel

Bailey is a 4 month old show cocker spaniel. He is a gorgeous golden colour with little speckles of white on his chest. He is very food motivated which allowed me to train him within two weeks to do the following commands : sit, lie down, come, paw, high ten, spin, go to bed.

DUKE the English Cocker Spaniel

Duke is a show type English Cocker Spaniel. He loves food, stealing flip flops and socks but above all, he loves cuddles. He absolutely adores people and is always happy whenever a friend comes to visit him. He also loves children because they can play with him for hours without getting tired! He has lots of energy and it’s a bundle of cuteness and joy.
Joey the English Cocker Spaniel

Joey the English Cocker Spaniel

Joey is a working Cocker Spaniel. He took part in the Blue Cross Advert. He has a leading part in Britain’s 10 Favourite Dogs to be shown ITV April 2016. He extremely obedient. Excellent with people especially children. Obsessed with tennis balls. Very easy to train and learns very quickly. Very happy to work in a studio or outdoors. Very happy to work very close to a camera.