Just Eat Advert

Takeaway Tonight Just Eat Advert

Homer the Miniature Schnauzer pumps his paw(!) in this advert for Just Eat. To achieve this trick he laid on his back whilst the "paw" was raised manually and filmed.

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Hans the Miniature Schnauzer

Hans is Mini Schnauser puppy and is diligent, hard working and Hans-ome. He has a brilliant temperament, great training attitude and a growing range of manners and abilities. The terrier in him shines through with a great blend of mischief and bulshiness in equal measure, which is very cute given he is so mini. Hans turns head everywhere he goes!

Ozark the Miniature Schnauzer

Ozark is a 19 month old Miniature Schnauzer with salt and pepper colouring. He is an extremely friendly and happy dog. He loves games and puzzles and commands that he is rewarded for. He has been used for two modelling assignments for Tower Bridge's reopening post-covid and to launch a new dog friendly motorsport festival in Sussex. These images and other are available to share as examples of his poses and excellent behaviour in photoshoots. He has long eyelashes which people always comment on, and he is a extremely cute and attractive dog.
Nellie the Miniature Schnauzer

Nellie the Miniature Schnauzer

Nellie is a very good-natured sweet and friendly good looking mini Schnauzer.
Homer the Miniature Schnauzer

Homer the Miniature Schnauzer

Homer the Miniature Schnauzer pumps his paw in the advert for Just Eat. He was incredible and he is a genuinely very reliable dog and will do most things when trained too!