Max Cockerpoo

Big & Little Crochet TV Advert

Max Cockerpoo stars in this TV commercial for Big & Little Crochet.
DWP Pension Wise Ad

DWP Pension Wise Ad

I wasnt expecting that

Bonnie wasn't expecting that!

Bonnie got the call back to star in the video for the latest hit song by Jamie Lawson - "I wasn't expecting that".
Old Dogs New Tricks

"Old Dog New Tricks" photo shoot

Spencer the Dachshund, Charlie the Basset, Hank the German…
Mildred Lurcher Library shot Frank Herholdt 2
The Sun Advert

The Sun 'Do Us Proud' Advert

Jack the cross is a cheeky chap and steals the football in the middle of the game in this Sun Newspaper advert.
Möbel Pfister Top Care Sandrina

Möbel Pfister Top Care Sandrina

Amazing street-dogs perform on camera. This Swiss series of TV adverts was made using street-dogs from all over Europe and Africa. Fifteen dogs were successfully auditioned from a local sanctuary, who were then trained to do a specific task in the adverts.

Portfolio Items

Bertie the Crossbreed

Bertie the Crossbreed

Bertie is a sociable, playful, cheeky and charming toy cockapoo. He loves playing with other dogs and is great with children of all ages.

Huxley the Crossbreed

Hi, I’m Huxley. A four months old mischief from Barnsley now located with my new “parents” in Clapham, London. I have an older brother - Alfie - whom I love to harass with endless ear nibbling. Apart from that I LOVE food and walks, of course.
Bonnie the Cavipoo

Bonnie the Cavipoo