Association of British Insurers

Stirling Vizsla, Missy Bulldog, Ged White Terrier, Jasper German Spitz, Jeremy Beagle and Boysie Xbreed star in the brilliant commercial for ABI.
Max Cockerpoo

Big & Little Crochet TV Advert

Max Cockerpoo stars in this TV commercial for Big & Little Crochet.
DWP Pension Wise Ad

DWP Pension Wise Ad

Featuring Porter the Bloodhound.  
I wasnt expecting that

Bonnie wasn’t expecting that!

Bonnie got the call back to star in the video for the latest hit song by Jamie Lawson - "I wasn't expecting that".

Portfolio Items

Chief the Crossbreed

Chief is a one year old Merle Collie/Red Fox Lab cross with beautiful unique markings, he's the most docile, chilled out chap in the world but loves playing with his friends, he's not a barker and is well trained - he has great recall and will do almost anything for a treat, he also knows a few tricks and can sit, give both paws, lie down, sit and wait, and he's fantastic at catching anything in his mouth, he's super agile. You can usually find him either snoozing on the sofa or catching balls (his favourite activity) As soon as he decides he likes you you'll be friends for life

Misha the Crossbreed

Misha is almost 11 months old. He is an extremely friendly pup, loving people and dogs. Wherever Misha goes he is being noticed, somehow people are attracted to him. He has an air of love and charm . Our family picked him because we thought he would be unlikely to be stolen, we did not expect he would be attracting so much attention from people. Misha knows most commands, he loves playing, he loves socialising, he recently started mantrailling.
Giles the Crossbreed

Giles the Crossbreed

Giles is a very energetic and happy dog he has amazing training intellect but incredible social skills too! He loves being around his dog friends and his human ones too!
Ernie  the Crossbreed

Ernie the Crossbreed

Ernie is very young but also a very smart and happy puppy! He loves to be around people and other dogs and playing with them too. He loves going on walks with the rest of his gang and he has discovered his love of treats and meat so will do anything for any!
Boysie the Crossbreed

Boysie the Crossbreed

Boysie is a very very fast learner, he loves other dogs very much and people too! He loves playing with you and his toys for a long time and he loves when there’s treats around as he knows he has to work hard to get them and problem solve using his brain.
Luna the Crossbreed

Luna the Crossbreed

Luna is the nicest dog you will ever meet!! She loves going on long walks and even going for a swim. She loves other dogs and people too. Luna is very good at fetching sticks, balls, treats you name it. She also loves playing hide and seek where you hide something then she will find it