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Syd the Crossbreed

Meet Syd, he's the sweetest border collie/labrador mix. He has striking yellow/green eyes that contrast beautifully with his chocolate tricolour fur. Syd is nearly 4 months old and is based in London. He'll be a medium-large, intelligent dog when he's fully grown. Syd knows his basic commands (sit, stay, leave, paw...) and loves the company of humans and other animals. As well as other dogs, he has been socialised with cats, sheep, donkeys, and alpacas. He's a fast learner who is very people-orientated and will happily snooze between takes.

Chief the Crossbreed

Chief is a one year old Merle Collie/Red Fox Lab cross with beautiful unique markings, he's the most docile, chilled out chap in the world but loves playing with his friends, he's not a barker and is well trained - he has great recall and will do almost anything for a treat, he also knows a few tricks and can sit, give both paws, lie down, sit and wait, and he's fantastic at catching anything in his mouth, he's super agile. You can usually find him either snoozing on the sofa or catching balls (his favourite activity) As soon as he decides he likes you you'll be friends for life

Ginny the Crossbreed

Ginny is the definition of happy-go-lucky. She slots into any situation - is happy on a train, tube, car, kayak, horsebox, paddle board - she just loves to be involved. She is highly food motivated. At only 5.8kg she’s happy to be held but also walks like a proper dog! She is happy to play, has basic training and is quick to learn new skills.

Kai the Crossbreed

Kai is a curious and friendly Pomsky (Pomeranian x Huskey) puppy. He often gets mistaken for a fox due to his features and coloring. He is well-behaved (most of the time!) and knows how to sit, lay down, give you his paw, and even hi-fives!

Monty Kirkland the Crossbreed

Monty is a clever, enthusiastic dog. He is small and very sociable. He has attended puppy training classes to learn all the basic training and is still learning. He is very beautiful and is very often referred to as a teddy bear by members of the public.

Misha the Crossbreed

Misha is almost 11 months old. He is an extremely friendly pup, loving people and dogs. Wherever Misha goes he is being noticed, somehow people are attracted to him. He has an air of love and charm . Our family picked him because we thought he would be unlikely to be stolen, we did not expect he would be attracting so much attention from people. Misha knows most commands, he loves playing, he loves socialising, he recently started mantrailling.

Zizel the Crossbreed

Beautiful Zizel is rescued from the island of Andros in Greece where she was staying at an Animal Shelter after being abandoned. When I arrived at the shelter she quickly adopted me and we soon became soul mates and travelling companions around the Greek islands, she arrived safely back in the UK with me at the end of March 2021. Zizel (aka known as Z and Gigi!) is an amazing little lady, she has travelled in cars, on ferries, trains and on an aeroplane! Nothing phases her. Zizel is a very kind, calm dog, she loves other dogs and enjoys playing with them of all ages from a pup up to adults of any age, she also loves cats and is very keen on hoomans too, absolutely loves a cuddle and of course a bit of grub!! Zizel is also very clever and picks things up extremely fast, she is adaptable to all different surroundings and wherever she lays her head she is comfortable. During our travels in Greece she was certainly a show stopper and people would always comment on her and want to say "hello" or "kalimera" to her and she would always gladly obliged by allowing them to give her a little stroke or two. Since we arrived back in the UK she is still reeling in the attention and when we are out and about people are always amazed at her zen like nature, she is very chilled out. She has also won the heart of family and friends.

Molly the Crossbreed

Molly is a happy and very friendly 3 month old puppy. She is new to the camera and raring to go. She has bo bad angle and cannot go for a walk without being stopped every few steps. Everyone loves her!!
Teddy the Crossbreed

Teddy the Crossbreed

Teddy is a 6 year old tricolour Collie cross who, as a stray, found himself at The Dogs Trust until, at 6 months old, he adopted us. Therefore, we do not have any history prior to this. He has all the Collie traits, intelligent, high energy and eager to please. He attends both obedience and agility classes, which he really enjoys, but his biggest love is fetching a ball. He has a very expressive face and always catches the attention of passers by when out walking. Often people liken Teddy to Pippin. He follows commands such as sit, down, over, spin, paw, stretch, off, bed, etc. He will happily hold his dumbbell in his mouth and is getting more comfortable holding other items, such as envelopes, small brochures, etc. In his obedience classes he will do recalls (novice and A), Scent, Send-away, Retrieve, etc. He also knows the names of his humans and some of his toys. He is a non-vocal dog, only barking once to come back into the house, after doing his business, then he will sit there patiently waiting to be let in. Teddy is a dog of habit, which helps with training as, once he has done something a few times and is rewarded, he remembers. He gets along with most dogs (not cats) but absolutely loves human company.