Association of British Insurers

Stirling Vizsla, Missy Bulldog, Ged White Terrier, Jasper German Spitz, Jeremy Beagle and Boysie Xbreed star in the brilliant commercial for ABI.
Behind the scenes on Bupa Commercial

Behind the scenes of #BodyAsABand starring The Futureheads

On set with The Futureheads and Bertie Beagle as they film a new interactive video for Bupa.
Bloopers starring The Futureheads

Bertie Beagle doing his bit for Bupa

Not everything went smooth sailing on our shoot with The Futureheads. We captured some our struggles with laughter and hilarity.

Jeremy the Beagle lounges on the sofas!

Jeremy the Beagle stars in the TV commercial for DFS.

Portfolio Items

Coco the Beagle

Coco the Beagle

Coco is a lovely natured beautiful looking dog. He is a cocker spaniel cross beagle, known as a bocker.
Scooby the Beagle

Scooby the Beagle

Scooby is a bocker (cocker spaniel x beagle) he is 4 months old and is learning new things all the time he gets stoped by people coming over saying hello and asking questions because of how cute he is. Scooby has a very cute brother coco and they get on well together
Reggie the Beagle

Reggie the Beagle

Reggie is a 12 week old Pedigree beagle. He is highly intelligent aswell as photogenic, knowing a variety of tricks including ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘say your prayers’. He’s very energetic but also has a lot of respect for other dogs that he meets.
Bertie  the Beagle

Bertie the Beagle

Bertie is a very loving and cute dog!! He will do anything for treats! He loves being stroked and being around other dogs very much!!
Jeremy the Beagle

Jeremy the Beagle

Jeremy has appeared in adverts for DFS and Carpet Right. He is happy to wear clothes. He also appeared in an episode of Celebrity Juice.