Tim Henman

Britain’s Tim Henman trains ‘ball dogs’ for Wimbledon

Britain's Tim Henman trains 'ball dogs' for Wimbledon in this fun short video featuring Esme Frenchie, Agatha Basset, Sterling Vizla, Iraida Afghan & Joey Spaniel!
Old Dogs New Tricks

“Old Dog New Tricks” photo shoot

Spencer the Dachshund, Charlie the Basset, Hank the German…
Spice Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Battersea Dogs Home Poster Campaign

Charlie the Bassett, Lettuce the Whippet and Spice the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel all appeared in this Battersea Dogs Home poster campaign.

Portfolio Items

Dougal  the Basset Hound

Dougal the Basset Hound

Dougal is a little heartbreaker. He's a cross bread called a Hush Basset which is the outcome of crossing a basset hound and a cocker spaniel. *CUTENESS ALERT* His ears are VERY long as a result and he's got the pretty spaniel face but a little of the basset wrinkles. Dougal is a funny little guy who has a very gentle and easy going temperament. People remark on how calm and laid back he is for a puppy. He'll do anything for a treat and can sit, stay, raise his paw, lie-down and roll over on command. As well as treats, Dougal loves nothing more than a puzzle game or puzzle bowl for him to work out (and hopefully get a reward at the end). He's obsessed with other dogs and whilst he's not that interested in going for walkies, he starts running after his buddies when he gets to the park. He's a rare mix of two of the cutest breads and as a result we get stopped for pictures nearly every dog walk.
Aggie  the Basset Hound

Aggie the Basset Hound

Aggie is very loving and friendly! She is very very mischievous and will work her way onto your lap without you even realizing! She's a good learner especially with treats involved, she looks amazing on camera!!