Association of British Insurers

Stirling Vizsla, Missy Bulldog, Ged White Terrier, Jasper German Spitz, Jeremy Beagle and Boysie Xbreed star in the brilliant commercial for ABI.
Tim Henman

Britain’s Tim Henman trains ‘ball dogs’ for Wimbledon

Britain's Tim Henman trains 'ball dogs' for Wimbledon in this fun short video featuring Esme Frenchie, Agatha Basset, Sterling Vizla, Iraida Afghan & Joey Spaniel!

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Rusty the Vizsla

Meet Rusty my super handsome Hungarian Vizsla. Very playful. Loves children. Very clever. Picks up training very easily. Sit Stay Lay down Heel work On your bed Retrieve and release Balance on back legs Recall. Established. Rusty has an infectious personality, extremely loving, very confident and friendly towards people and other dogs. He is well socialised around horses and interacts with them well. Bad points he is still teething and as is normal with the breed he can be a little mouthy. Chewing on fingers would be his favourite past time! Please contact for any further information.