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Skipper the Cockapoo

Skipper is a very friendly loyal dog that loves to co.pete at high level in agility. She has a love of sailing, paddle boarding and the canoe, she has even been on a jet ski. Nothing seems to phase her. She has a long list of skills in addition to all the agility commands. She takes verbal or hand signals as her commands. She is very quick to learn new tricks. She can sit stay wait, leave it, walk backwards, speak middle, walk on my feet, beg, wave, play dead, you can pretend to shoot her and she will die. Empy and load a washing machine.pick up her toys and put them in a basket. And anything else you want her to do. She is amazing has long eyelashes and is loved by everyone she meets.

Bosun the Cockapoo

Bosun I'd 4.5 months old. She is incredibly quick to learn new tricks. She can sit, wait ,stay, down, fetch, leave any food and distractions, leave food placed on her paw. She can wave, give paw, hi five, go round given objects. She can ply with tug toys, Tilt her head to the side. Can learn new tricks if given the request. She is a very happy, friendly , easy going puppy who is happy to please and learn new skills quickly. She is Used to behaving around other dogs as she goes to agility shows with her big sister.

Milo the Cockapoo

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Febee the Cockapoo


Lilly the Cockapoo

Mellow the Cockerpoo

Mellow the Cockerpoo

Mellow is a very young puppy she’s very socialised so she’s very happy and good with other dogs and humans. She loves playing with you, other dogs and toys!
Bertie the Crossbreed

Bertie the Cockerpoo

Bertie is a sociable, playful, cheeky and charming cockapoo. He loves playing with other dogs and is great with children of all ages.