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Willow the Cockapoo

She is a fun loving, photogenic and very obedient puppy. She has attending puppy training classes to enhance her training and obedience skills. Her traits is her fun and full of energy personally, she is very affectionate and loves to run around for a ball and with other dogs, she also always manages to seek out some water for a paddle. She is very used to a camera being around at all times. No work has been done so far but I’d hate for this beautiful face to go to waste.

Daisy the Cockapoo

Daisy is a professional model and has her performing animal licence and public liability insurance. Daisy has worked professionally since she was 6 months old. She has worked for numerous companies including -Pit Pat, Lilys kitchen, Tinder U.K. Many Pets Insurance, The White Company, Front of the Pack, Everypaw insurance, Dobbies garden centre and most recently Daisy had the starring role in an advert for Uber Eats. .Daisy has a growing online presence - 16.4k followers on IG, where she regularly works as a brand rep, modelling for various online dog companies both in the U.K. and abroad. Daisy benefits from being calm on set, works well from a distance and happy modelling with other dogs. She can pose balancing on objects, hold things in her mouth, tilt head, high five, work with props and people and is very comfortable wearing clothes, glasses and accessories. Daisy lives with a small red Toy Poodle called Lily who is also registered. They are very happy posing together for both photos and videos.

Febee the Cockapoo


Lilly the Cockapoo

Mellow the Cockerpoo

Mellow the Cockerpoo

Mellow is a very young puppy she’s very socialised so she’s very happy and good with other dogs and humans. She loves playing with you, other dogs and toys!
Bertie the Crossbreed

Bertie the Cockerpoo

Bertie is a sociable, playful, cheeky and charming cockapoo. He loves playing with other dogs and is great with children of all ages.