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Toby is a very pretty and friendly Cockerpoo. He loves cuddles and treats. He is such a gentle boy that he works as a Therapy Dog at a Special Needs School. I am often stopped by people who want to stroke him and have been told many times how pretty and friendly he is. His two features that people mainly comment on are his eyes (they look human) and his tail (it resembles a feather duster!). His ears are so long that they clap together at the top when he gallops!
Mellow the Cockerpoo

Mellow the Cockerpoo

Mellow is a very young puppy she’s very socialised so she’s very happy and good with other dogs and humans. She loves playing with you, other dogs and toys!
Bertie the Crossbreed

Bertie the Cockerpoo

Bertie is a sociable, playful, cheeky and charming cockapoo. He loves playing with other dogs and is great with children of all ages.