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Daisy the Cockapoo

Daisy is a little ray of sunshine! She is a friendly, happy, loving, intelligent F1 Cockapoo, who adores children, people and dogs of all sizes. Daisy also benefits from being very calm on sets and in unusual situations. Daisy filmed a TV commercial for the company ‘’PitPat’ where she was required to perform various tasks such as doing a head tilt, eating food off of a kitchen counter, sitting in the corner of the kitchen looking at the actors as well as being held by the actors. Daisy’s most recent professional photoshoots include for - ‘Dobbies Garden Centre’, ‘Tinder U.K.’, ‘Everypaw pet insurance’ (where she modelled sitting next to two cats) and on location at Wimbledon for ‘Many Pets Insurance’. Daisy has been featured modelling products for ‘Pets at Home U.K’, Asda, and H&M as well as various online dog companies in the U.K., USA & Australia, including ‘Doffle Dog’, ‘Love from Betty’, ‘Bailey & Coco’, ‘Ruffhaus NYC’, ‘Boss & Boo’, ‘Sassy Woof’, ‘The ADoraBle Pooch Company’, ‘Little Gems Pawdrobe’, ‘Puppy Pawdrobe’ & ‘Haus of Woof’. Daisy is currently a brand rep for seven online dog companies, regularly modelling their products & accessories. Daisy was chosen as one of the ‘All about Dogs’ show 2022 influWOOFers . Daisy has experience of being in a professional studio for a shoot, dealing with distractions, lights and camera flash from a very young age. Daisy is very well socialised and has completed her basic puppy training with ‘Puppy School UK’. Daisy came 1st place in the Best Puppy category at ‘The Big Dog Walk’ in Kent and 2nd place in the best Crossbreed/Companion at ‘Paws in the Park’ in West Sussex. Daisy also was a runner up at the Chiswick Dog show in the Best Puppy category. Daisy won 1st place in two separate categories in the ‘Prize Paws’ online dog show. Daisy knows all the basic commands, is happy wearing clothes, glasses, accessories etc, has excellent recall, is good off the lead and can hi-five like a pro!

Gio the Cockapoo

Gio was born 25/12/21. He is a brown nose green eyed cockapoo puppy. He is able to sit, give paw, down, up, wait and high 5. He is toliet trained. He is friendly, loves playing with his toys, being around people and energetic. He is well behaved for a puppy and always attracts attention wherever he goes! He likes playing tug of war and fetch and bringing back items. He is able to stand on his two legs. He is new to this all and he can't wait to be in front of professional cameras!

Hektor the Cockapoo

Hektor is a very small F1b cockapoo with an apricot coat, a bright pink nose and lovely long eyelashes. Hektor is 4.75kg and 10 inches to the shoulder. He loves to meet new people and new dogs and animals. He is well socialised around rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs as well as children. He also volunteers as a Pets As Therapy dog. He is happy to learn new skills including paddleboarding and kayaking, and adapts well to new environments! Hektor also likes being groomed. Hektor has been featured for Dogstival in the Daily Mail online and has participated in professional photoshoots. He also models for several small businesses online.

Ziggy Lewis the Cockapoo

I am a super happy clever pup who loves my humans! At just 11 weeks old I already know how to sit, listen to my human and give my paw! I’m super cuddly and I just love attention and fuss.

Febee the Cockapoo


Lilly the Cockapoo


Alfie the Cockapoo

Alfie is a super clever puppy and is already walking well on a lead as well as understanding basic commands. We regularly catch him in the classic gun dog pose with one paw off the ground. He will do anything for food and is fed raw plus orijen dry and sprays. He loves games and sniffing exercises, and so far all dogs and people. He was brought up with dogs, cats and children too. He is happy being touched and prodded all over and happy in the bath too. A very relaxed easy going pup. He loves wearing coats and jumpers. His fur is silky soft when groomed, but shaggy in appearance not curly like other cockerpoos he is an f1b with a show cocker mum and cockerpoo dad

Honey the Cockapoo

Honey is a gentle and loving puppy and enjoys be active and having fun as well as relaxing and having cuddles with me and my 3 daughters. Honey is just a really lovely puppy and is gorgeous looking which matches her temperament.
Mellow the Cockerpoo

Mellow the Cockerpoo

Mellow is a very young puppy she’s very socialised so she’s very happy and good with other dogs and humans. She loves playing with you, other dogs and toys!
Bertie the Crossbreed

Bertie the Cockerpoo

Bertie is a sociable, playful, cheeky and charming cockapoo. He loves playing with other dogs and is great with children of all ages.