Kevin Bacon EE

Kevin Bacon Explains 4G On EE’s Adverts

Bonnie got the call back to star in the video for the latest hit song by Jamie Lawson - "I wasn't expecting that".
Green Flag

Don’t blame the dog!

Poppy the Spaniel gets the blame for stinking the car out in this advert for Green Flag.
Halifax Advert

Poppy the Spaniel gets a soaking!

Poppy the spaniel in seen running across a bridge and getting a soaking in this advert for Halifax.

Portfolio Items

Loki the English Springer Spaniel

He’s a puppy so learning new tricks he can sit on command also wait and give paw very good driven

Elsie the English Springer Spaniel

Elsie is a fun loving sprocker spaniel. She often gets mistaken for a Dalmatian because of her unusual white coat with black speckles. She is well trained sit, stay, wait, speak and is currently in training to walk on the street off lead. She is affectionate, loves cuddles with anyone whether thats humans or dogs and has big yellow eyes with white eyelashes! She has featured in a recent campaign for Pets at Homes new Summer products!
Poppy the Spaniel

Poppy the Spaniel