Mattersons Advert You Must be Hank Marvin

Bonnie got the call back to star in the video for the latest hit song by Jamie Lawson - "I wasn't expecting that".
Old Dogs New Tricks

“Old Dog New Tricks” photo shoot

Spencer the Dachshund, Charlie the Basset, Hank the German…
Banana Weetabix

Buddy the Dachshund dressed in a onesie!

Buddy the Dachshund dresses in a onesie for this Banana Weetabix advert!
Hector Vitality Ad

Hector the Miniature Dachshund hides his owners mobile phone!

Hector the Miniature Dachshund hides his owners mobile phone!
Hazel Papillon Front Line

Portfolio Items

Juno the Dachshund

Frank the Dachshund

Frank is the most confident Dachshund around town. Supposed to be a miniature but he's a bit bigger than his mates. Knows all the tricks, his favourite being Sausage Roll! Loves being in the spotlight.
Django the Dachshund

Django the Dachshund

Django is a Standard Wirehaired Dachshund. He has performed in the conformation show ring from puppy to date and has had good results. In 2015 he won best puppy in breed at Crufts. He has done Obedience training achieving Gold star level at his training club, over a range of disciplines including agility, searching, heelwork, nosework and tricks. He has also done blood trailing in Thetford Forest and tracking. He is a natural comedian, and likes to keep busy and is a bit of a busy body. He loves to sleep upside down and keeps all the other dogs in order
Dax the Dachshund

Dax the Dachshund

Dax is a 4 year old large standard dachshund, with a handsome head, and he is full of character,.If large ears, full eye brows and beard are the qualities you need he is your hound.
Buddy the Dachshund

Buddy the Dachshund

Buddy has starred in adverts for Weetabix and Frontline.