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Daisy the Chihuahua

Daisy is truly beautiful. She is trained and will do anything for food!

Lulu Little the Chihuahua

Lulu is the sweetest little girl, a long haired chihuahua but she (looks like a mini German Shepherd). She is very intelligent and loves people and dogs. She is very gentle and has the capacity to learn many tricks and behaviours, she loves training. Lulu is very good at focusing on commands with distractions around. She can sit, lie down, roll over, wait, come, stay, shake a paw, wave, spin, get her ball and drop it, and she is learning more every day. She is gentle and can go off leash in safe areas. She is comfortable being held as well as being on the ground. She is comfortable around dogs big and small. She loves to cuddle and play. She loves crawling under blankets and wears her harness and coat easily. She is very sweet, and loves her ducky, treats, and cuddles. Her favourite thing to do is sneak out of the room and wait for her hoomum to say " Where's Lulu!" and she will run as fast as she can into the room with a silly puppy smile on her face. She has such a big sweet personality for such a little girl.
Manuel the Chihuahua

Manuel the Chihuahua

Manuel is lovely reliable chihuahua! He will do anything for treats so is a breeze to train, he loves working on sets and has done since he was young!