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Rosie the Pomeranian

Rosie the Chihuahua

I am a super tiny teacup Pomchi (pom cross chihuahua). I am 11 weeks old and very friendly!
Violet  the Chihuahua

Violet the Chihuahua

Violet is a very rare long coat lilac and tan tri double coated chihuahua girl infact I’m yet to see another of her quality in the uk she is our world she is so loving and well behaved lives with her birth mother and my disabled son has a personality to die for and sometimes can be a little cheeky
Tydus the Chihuahua

Tydus the Chihuahua

Tydus is a fun loving and busy puppy. He loves attention and is very affectionate and playful. He has a very unique look and we get stopped wherever we go for people to make a fuss of him..have one blue eye and one brown gets a lot of compliments! People often don't think he is a chihuahua due to his unusual colouring.
Erik the Chihuahua

Erik the Chihuahua

Erik is a 5 year old Chihuahua with a calm placid and gentle nature, He is a well known as public House dog and is adored by the customers. He likes to perform his tricks for the regulars of the Pub for a small reward. He has a bubbly and infectious character and knows how to work his cuteness too. His claimed to fame is that he single handed chased off two masked robbers, getting him media interest and appearing in ITV breakfast TV, Meridian Tonight, ITN lunchtime news and a article in The Sun national newspaper
Manuel the Chihuahua

Manuel the Chihuahua

Manuel is lovely reliable chihuahua! He will do anything for treats so is a breeze to train, he loves working on sets and has done since he was young!