Baileys “Made in Chelsea Sponsorship”

This amusing idents from Baileys offer a loving spoof of the…

Portfolio Items

Cedric the Chihuahua

Cedric is a small package of big energy, oozing confidence and bringing smiles to everyone he meets. He is a quick learner with his training being ongoing, but has already grasped the basics of sit, stay, come, lie down, paw and spin. He is used to being around other dogs and loves people.

Free the Chihuahua

Free is a chuachua cross with Jack Russell background. He has amazing star quality. Everywhere he goes in public he causes quite a stir with his teddy, foxy looks and smile. He has been mistaken for a baby fox on many occasions! He not only has an incredibly friendly character and loves people and traveling but an unusual charisma that makes people happy and want to be near him! Acting and photography would just be another enjoyable fun challenge for him! He is willing to travel anywhere in the world with his owner.

Puppi Kunz the Chihuahua

Skills from my Little King, he Loves the Camera , Loves Loves Loves the Camera ! Loves to eat treats ! Perfect for Modeling and Commercial Videos or Movies ! Smart and kann learn anything! He is Ready !
Manuel the Chihuahua

Manuel the Chihuahua

Manuel is lovely reliable chihuahua! He will do anything for treats so is a breeze to train, he loves working on sets and has done since he was young!